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It’s hard to get every employee the right prescription safety glasses when working in a remote location. Collecting forms, getting approvals and processing benefit claims can be time-consuming – We have the solution.

The Eyelation Safety Glasses Program:

 Your team can use the Eyelation kiosk or mobile ordering system to quickly and easily order their CSA-approved prescription safety glasses.

How Eyelation works:

  1. Take a photo of your face using the kiosk or mobile ordering system.
  2. Upload your prescription.
  3. Choose the frames you want.
  4. Press order, sit back and relax. Eyelation does the rest!

Every order is reviewed by an Eyelation optician to ensure the best fit and compatibility of the prescription. Eyelation backs their products with a 30-day guarantee!

Eyelation is the perfect option for remote locations:

Employees quickly and easily order their CSA-approved prescription safety glasses using our kiosk or mobile ordering system.

The kiosk ships fully assembled, comes internet ready and is free of charge for qualifying accounts. Kiosks are great for large facilities. For smaller or remote locations the mobile solution is a great option.

Eyelation’s user-friendly technology guides employees through the simple, three-step ordering process.

On top of this it tracks eligibility, benefit allowance, and approved items for each employee.

eyelation kiosk
close up of Eyelation kiosk showing the steps to get prescription eyewear

Simplify your safety program:

Simplify your safety program with Eyelation’s benefit management and fulfillment services for prescription safety eyewear.

Eyelation’s kiosk system has allowed hundreds of thousands of workers to easily obtain their critical safety products. 

The key to this simplification has been Eyelation’s benefit management platform, combined with a self-service POS that is available 24/7 to every employee in an organization no matter where or when they work.

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