Marioff HI-FOG® Water Mist Systems

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Marioff HI-FOG® is a water mist system that uses very fine water spray to protect your critical assets from fire.

Marioff is the world's largest supplier of water mist fire protection technology and is renowned for pioneering high pressure water mist fire protection technology.

HI-FOG protects people, property and business continuity in a wide range of applications both on land and at sea.

hi fog fire suppression system

How HI-FOG works:

The water mist controls, suppresses and extinguishers fires by:

  • cooling the flame and surrounding gas through evaporation
  • displacing oxygen by evaporation, and
  • reducing radiant heat with the small water droplets.

HI-FOG Key Benefits

  • Fast: immediate and rapid cooling
  • Safe: harmless to people and the environment
  • Proven: success in countless tests and real fires
  • Low water usage: minimizes damage

Fire protection is about making people's life safe and easy - even straight after the fire. The HI-FOG water mist fire protection system makes this possible.

It safely controls and suppresses fire by discharging a fine water mist at high velocity. HI-FOG uses significantly less water than conventional sprinkler systems.

Water mist versus traditional sprinklers:

A fire in a building can have serious consequences. Even a small can grow out of control in minutes unless immediately suppressed. The proper fire protection can reduce damage and downtime.

Water mist and traditional sprinklers both rely on water to suppress a fire. Unlike water mist, traditional sprinklers discharge an enormous amount of water in the form of large droplets. This results in water damage in a protected space or equipment and the need for a large water supply.

Hi-fog fire suppression system uses less water than traditional sprinklers

Historical buildings and the artifacts they house are a good example of this. The infrastructure does not allow for conventional fire suppression systems which could result in expensive or irreparable water damage.

HI-FOG uses much less water than traditional sprinkler systems for the same application. This water mist system has equal or better performance results. By discharging small droplets, HI-FOG absorbs heat faster to cool the source of the fire and surrounding area.

You can save money with HI-FOG

HI-FOG leads to real savings on the bottom line. You can cut costs by including HI-FOG in the early design phase of a project. HI-FOG gives you freedom to design without the restrictions of more traditional approaches. For example, the system lets architects create different methods for fire protection measures.

HI-FOG solves these conventional fire suppression issues

  • Immediate activation
  • High efficiency in the suppression of a wide variety of fires
  • Minimized water damage
  • Environmentally sound characteristics
  • No toxic problems

hi fog servicing

Why choose Levitt-Safety as your HI-FOG provider?

Levitt-Safety can help with every step of the process from installation, commissioning, verifications, inspections and recharging. Levitt-Safety technicians will deliver the highest level of service and give you peace of mind that the job was done right.

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We work with building management, engineers, construction contractors and your preventative maintenance schedule to ensure we meet your installation and inspection intervals.

Service software allows our technicians to have access to all necessary information and we can easy convey required documentation following service and inspection. Our specialists can also advise your team on applicable codes and deficiencies.

We have branches across Canada allow us to dispatch to your location wherever it may be including remote locations.

It is our goal to ensure that protection of your personnel, the public, your infrastructure, and important assets are met with the best in class products and service.

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