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Chemical spills can result in contaminant exposures that put people at risk. Quickly, safely and effectively managing a chemical spill is critical to workplace safety. Choosing the right products depends on the size of the spill, the presence of incompatible materials and having adequate training and supplies.

Levitt-Safety has partnered with Prevor, the same company that makes Diphoterine Solution, to bring a line of intuitive, effective chemical spill management products to Canada.

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Trivorex® Neutralizing Absorbent

Trivorex® is a universal neutralizing absorbent designed to tackle all types of liquid chemical spills, including acids, bases, oxidizing and reducing agents, solvents, and hydrocarbons (oils).

Trivorex® provides a simplified, single product response protocol for cleaning up chemical spills that makes cleanup a much safer – and more efficient – process.

Trivorex® 700g Shaker

Trivorex® 700g Shaker

Trivorex® 10kg Container

Trivorex® 10kg Container

What makes Trivorex® unique?

  • Can be used on all corrosive and non-corrosive chemicals
  • Built-in pH indicator
  • Rapidly suppresses chemical vapours
  • Declassifies corrosive chemicals into non-hazards
  • Leaves surface dry and safe; eliminating the need for pads
  • Eliminates the need for expensive environmental disposal costs
  • No silicates
  • 1kg of Trivorex will absorb and neutralize approximately .6 L of corrosive chemical

Watch a Trivorex® demonstration:

Le Vert® Surface & Equipment Decontaminant

Le Vert® 750ml Spray Bottle

Le Vert® 750ml Spray Bottle

Le Vert® 5L Container

Le Vert® 5L Container

Le Vert® 5L Spray Vessel

Le Vert® 5L Spray Vessel

Le Vert® is designed to decontaminate vertical surfaces such as:

  • equipment
  • hydraulic hoses
  • hard-to-access areas, and
  • chemical suits and PPE.

Le Vert® will declassify chemical hazards, making clean-up safer and easier. It can also be used in daily wash-down routines to decontaminate chemical suits or workstations.

Polycaptor® Universal Dryer for Common Liquids

Falls caused by spills are a major cause of workplace injuries. Polycaptor® is a universal drying agent for common liquids.

Polycaptor® is a universal absorbent that efficiently deals with spills leaving a slip-free surface, even with viscous liquids like oils and flocculants.

Polycaptor® can absorb up to 3 litres of liquid per 1kg of absorbent.

That's about three times better than mineral absorbents.

By choosing Polycaptor®, you can reduce the quantities of absorbent needed on-site and reduce the amounts of product for disposal.

Polycaptor® 4kg Bucket

Polycaptor® 4kg Bucket

Polycaptor® Recycling Trolley

The Polycaptor® Recycling Trolley is a revolutionary solution in spill management.

Let’s explore why it’s gaining traction:

1. Hyper Mobility: This trolley is designed to be easily moved to the spill location, ensuring a swift response when needed most.

2. All-in-One Practicality: It simplifies spill management by storing, dispensing, recovering, and recycling Polycaptor® absorbents, all within a single system.

3. Ergonomic Design: With the Polycaptor® Recycling Trolley, there’s no need to carry heavy and cumbersome absorbent bags anymore, making the cleanup process smoother and more efficient.

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact and economic efficiency, the Polycaptor® Recycling Trolley is a solution that ticks all the boxes. It not only saves costs but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable approach to industrial operations.


Safurex® Universal Dryer for Common Liquids

Safurex® is an active decontaminant that neutralizes the pH of all types of liquid spills of corrosive acids or bases. It can also chelate the fluoride ions of hydrofluoric acid to limit the toxic effects of this chemical.

Safurex®750ml Surface Decontamination Spray

Safurex®750ml Surface Decontamination Spray

Safurex® 5L Decontamination Liquid

Safurex® 5L Decontamination Liquid

During maintenance or following a chemical incident, corrosive chemicals may contaminant work surfaces and PPE. This can cause damage to workers, equipment, PPE, the workplace.

Safurex® has built-in pH indicators that return to the original colour when the decontamination process is complete.

Safurex® is also suitable for incidents involving hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives as it will safely bind the fluoride ions, negating this chemical's toxic element.

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