MSA io™4 Gas Detection Wearable

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Start building connections between workers, worksites, and workflows with the MSA io™4 Gas Detection wearable.

Available for purchase or on the MSA+ subscription service.


MSA+ is a subscription program for the ALTAIR io™4 hardware and software. With a monthly subscription, you gain access to powerful cloud-based solutions that enable:

MSA+ is the ideal subscription program for those who want access to the latest hardware and software solutions with minimal upfront costs. With MSA+, they can stay up-to-date with the latest technology and enjoy the benefits of cloud-based solutions.

What is the ALTAIR io™4 gas-detection wearable?

The ALTAIR io™4 is a gas-detection wearable that combines advanced connectivity and an ultra-durable design. This innovative device features the renowned XCell sensor platform, which continues to set the industry standard for longevity and resilience.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the MSA Grid and the ALTAIR io™ Dock, the ALTAIR io™4 offers a hassle-free compliance experience, making fleet management a breeze. Its cutting-edge design provides unprecedented visibility into worker safety and enables you to take proactive measures to ensure a safe working environment.

Key Features:

  • Fully integrated connectivity for real-time worksite visibility from Day One
  • CAT-M LTE cellular connectivity and integration with the MSA Grid.
  • Deploys in seconds, right out of the box. No, IT is required.
  • Ultra-rugged design for durability in harsh environments and Industry-Leading XCell® Sensors.
  • Survived a 25-foot drop test.
  • Simplifies compliance and fleet management.
  • Breakthrough sensor design enables faster response and shorter span calibrations with 1 to 4 gas options available.
  • Sensor Options include Combustible (LEL), Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, H2S Low-Concentration, CO, Hydrogen-Resistant SO2.
ALTAIR io™4 gas-detection wearable that combines advanced connectivity and an ultra-durable design.

What features does MSA Grid offer for real-time worksite visibility and equipment management?

MSA Grid is a cloud-based software solution that provides real-time visibility across worksites, including workers and workflows. It is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection via desktop or mobile. The MSA Grid includes Grid Compliance Software, Grid Fleet Manager, and Grid Live Monitor. It helps create a safer and more efficient work environment by offering instant, real-time visibility across worksites.   The MSA Grid supports the ALTAIR io™4 equipment and helps manage equipment status, inventory, maintenance, and reporting in one place. It delivers reliable, actionable data to create safer, more efficient work environments. The MSA Grid also includes the Grid Live Monitor, a web-based, real-time alert management system for remote safety managers and control room operators.

Additional ALTAIR io™ Accessories & Services:

1. Altair io™ Dock:                             

The ALTAIR io™ Dock enhances calibration services for the ALTAIR io™ 4 gas detector with seamless integration and user-friendly features. Its Plug & Play functionality simplifies calibration—connect the system and begin testing without network configuration. Additionally, it offers cloud monitoring capabilities through the ALTAIR io™ 4 Device, providing valuable data and insights for managing calibration gas requirements across your entire fleet.

ALTAIR io™ Dock

2. Altair io™ Charge:

The ALTAIR io™ CHARGE is a multi-device charger designed for the ALTAIR io™ 4 Digital Device. It offers a unique feature of Zero-Interaction Digital Device Return, which means that when you place an ALTAIR io™ 4 Device in the charger, it is automatically marked as returned to the company in the Fleet Management System.

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