Shipping and Returns Policy


Order packaging is determined by the ordered items. We use different-sized standard Levitt Safety boxes to ship products to our customers. Our ISO process also takes into consideration specific product requirements (ex: colour fading, freezing, fragile items, etc.) as well as provincial/federal laws. As stated in our Environmental Policy – Section 4.2:

At Levitt-Safety we:

  • Continually seek opportunities to minimize the environmental impact;

  • Support reusable totes for packaging;

  • Re-use and recycle packaging from our inbound shipments; and

  • “Levitt-Safety” cartons are made from 75% recycled material and cushioning material is made from 100% recycled newsprint.

Minimizing/Eliminating Product Damage during Delivery Process

We have developed custom packaging for our products so that they are adequately protected from damage during transit and delivery. We have ISO processes in place that guide our Warehouse staff, and we associate with quality transportation companies with proven records of care during handling.

Return Policy

  • Merchandise returned for credit must be unused, resalable, and in original packaging.

  • A return materials authorization # (RM) must be obtained by contacting Levitt-Safety’s Customer Service before returning products or goods for repair.

  • A re-stocking charge may apply in certain circumstances (ex: if vendor charges Levitt).

  • Customized, discontinued or obsolete products may not be returned

  • Returns will be restricted for “date sensitive” product (s) OR when a return request is more than 60 days past the original shipping date.

Inventory Practices / Lead Times

The order controls for stocking items are automatically calculated daily, updating usages, lead time, safety stock and recommending the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ). This leads to quicker replenishment of stock and a good customer experience.


Backorders are reviewed daily. Our Customer Service Team across Canada receives backorder reports generated by our ERP system. This team will do the necessary investigation on vendor shipment delays, discontinued products, replaced items, and others, before approaching our customers.

Product Support, Substitution & Transition

We have a Team in place that will strategically review our customers’ purchasing patterns, and needs and recommend products/services accordingly to increase cost efficiency.

Levitt-Safety will provide the necessary support for product transition. We would first identify the opportunity through different analytics and reports available to us, provide detailed information to our customer – may include product comparison and/or samples, negotiate timelines, schedule across functional areas, execute, monitor and control.

Discontinued Product

Levitt-Safety will provide manufacturer communication as soon as it’s received, along with the substitution part number. In many cases, it will be 60 days prior, other times, we are unaware until later in the process (i.e. at the time of ordering. We are working with our suppliers to enhance communication channels and ensure that we’re informed of discontinued parts as soon as possible.

Communication to our Customers

We act on behalf of our customers and work hard to anticipate any concerns, questions that may arise due to replacement/discontinued parts. Our method of communication is based on customer preference: some may prefer email, others have their own Supplier Portal (ex: Coupa, Ariba, Taulia) where they expect all communication logged. In all scenarios, our Customer Service representatives will create a ‘case’ in our CRM system, to keep track of communication, resolution, customer response and other relevant information.                        

How Guarantee of Supply Will Be Managed

We have an advanced inventory management module associated with our ERP system. Our Supply Chain Team is engaged with distribution industry subject matter experts for continual specialized industry training. We have an Order Fulfillment process that defines the proper steps to ensure accuracy at input, picking and shipping stages. In addition, we have tracking mechanisms and metrics associated with this process; these are reviewed daily by management and front-line staff.

How/When Services Will Be Provided

The delivery of life safety products and solutions is the foundation of the company. Availability and delivery are essential elements of the safety ‘product’ equation as safety equipment is critical to your company’s productivity and health. As a result, we’ve increased our stocking levels and streamlined our service logistics for improved efficiency, ensuring you receive what you need when you need it.

All orders received by 3 p.m. are shipped the same day from one of our warehouse locations. We closely measure and track our performance of customer delivery.

Minimum Order

Unless otherwise agreed upon, we have a minimum order requirement of $150.00 before freight and taxes. We kindly ask that you consider consolidating products into one PO to meet these requirements. Orders under $150.00 will be subject to a $36.00 surcharge.

Alternatively, you may shop our online store for all of your occupational health and safety product needs. There is no minimum order required on online purchases. Please ensure you request a login so your username is linked to your existing Levitt-Safety account and you can continue enjoying your account holder privileges. Please refer to our E-Commerce Solution of this wiki.


Invoices are generated on a per shipment basis but can be consolidated by the customer, ship to, purchase order, or order. A consolidated invoice provides a single print of a group of invoices that includes a group total and a new invoice number. In addition, we can submit our invoices through your SAP system/portal directly from Levitt-Safety. Our Process transactions quickly and seamlessly across channels chosen by our customers.