Fire Hose

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In order to keep your fire hose ready for action and in top condition, it's important to familiarize yourself with the frequency of maintenance services needed on your equipment. Let us take care of the rest. Levitt-Safety’s team of technicians provides full maintenance and inspection of your fire hose and all its components.

Per NFPA 1962, the following requirements for testing of Occupant-Use Hose apply:

  • In-service hose designed for occupant use only shall be removed and service-tested as specified in Chapter 5 at intervals not exceeding 5 years after installation and every 3 years thereafter.
  • In-service hose shall be unracked, unreeled, unrolled, and physically inspected annually. The hose shall be reracked, rereeled, or rerolled so that any folds do not occur at the same position on the hose.
  • All nozzles shall be inspected at least annually and after each use. The nozzle inspection shall include verification of the following:
    • Clear of obstructions in the waterway.
    • No damage to the tip.
    • Full operation of adjustments such as pattern selection, etc.
    • Proper operation of shut-off valve if so equipped
    • No missing parts
    • Threaded gasket in good condition

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