Fast Track Catalogue

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Levitt-Safety's Fast Track Catalogue: Safety Products Made Fast & Easy. 

Why Fast Track

  1. Dependability: With over 88 years of experience, 18 locations across Canada, and a platinum member of Canada’s best managed companies, Levitt-Safety is your partner in all things Safety. 
  2. Availability: Why wait for what you need, we have the top-selling products and associated instruments in stock and ready to ship. 
  3. Quality & Safety go Hand in Hand: Quality is paramount when it comes to safety. Our Fast Track catalogue carries top rated products from industry leaders.

Solutions for You

  1. Easy Ordering: Browse, select, and purchase safety products through our user-friendly online store, saving you valuable time and effort.
  2. Expert Recommendations: Benefit from our industry expertise. Our recommendations offer reliable and effective safety solutions, empowering you to make confident decisions.
  3. Reliable Stock Management: Say goodbye to stock shortages and unreliable supply chains. Our catalogue features consistently stocked products, providing peace of mind.
  4. Personalized Support: Share your safety challenges, and our team will provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Explore Our Catalogue

Discover the safety products you need with just a few clicks. Browse our Fast Track Catalogue designed to keep you and your employees safe. The "Fast Track" icon on our eCommerce products serves to highlight items that are eligible for expedited shipping and delivery. It helps you to quickly identify and prioritize products that can be shipped swiftly, both in our general search results and within our dedicated Fast Track categories.

For any questions or further assistance, our dedicated team is ready to help. Contact us today to explore the safety solutions you need, without the wait.

At Levitt-Safety, we envision a safer Canada for living and working. Our mission is to partner with you in solving fire, safety, and environmental challenges. Our motivated and knowledgeable team delivers high-quality solutions, products, and services. Shop with confidence and experience the Levitt-Safety difference.