REACT Monitoring Phone App

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The REACT mobile app:

REACT creates a fully integrated emergency response system by combining:

  • Wireless technology
  • Cloud-based data, and
  • An easy-to-use mobile app.

Project management teams receive real-time information about site emergencies. They can send instant, customized alerts to relevant site personnel. REACT with WES3 safeguards your personnel and property.

Ramtech developed the WES REACT to give construction teams a simple way to report fire and medical emergencies to staff, both on and off-site.

The three main features of the system are:

  1. WES REACT call points and detectors installed across the site
  2. The cloud-based WES REACT control panel
  3. The WES REACT mobile app

Onsite WES units create a secure wireless network and connect to the cloud using the WES Emergency Control Unit.

On-site network

WES REACT units are deployed across the site to create a secure, wireless network. The network can incorporate manual call points and automatic smoke and heat detectors.

  • Incorporates fire alarm, detection and medical alert
  • Inspection delay mode to prevent false alarms
  • Completely wireless and battery-powered system
  • Units are simple to position, move, and remove

Mobile application

The user-friendly REACT app delivers real-time alerts to all relevant personnel and emergency response information such as site plans, evacuation routes and procedures.

An easy-to-use mobile app designed specifically for the construction industry. The app features:

  • Automatic notification translation into local phone/user language
  • Customized alerts (e.g. security alerts, flooding, major spills)
  • Version for Apple and Android devices

Cloud-based platform

The WES Emergency Control Unit connects wirelessly to the REACT cloud, allowing online setup and customization of users, workgroups, documents, locations and alerts.

  • Highly customizable system – equally suitable to small or large projects
  • Traceable event log stored online for auditing or incident investigation
  • Multi-site feature: Management teams can view up to 20 different project sites
  • Wireless integration with other site security systems (e.g. access control, CCTV)

The cloud-based app allows instant response decision situational overview from any mobile device.

Available as an app and as a cloud-based platform.