Levitt-Safety & NLT Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

This accessibility plan outlines the policies and practices that Levitt-Safety and Northern Light Technologies (NLT) will put in place to provide customer service to individuals with disabilities as well as improve opportunities for people with disabilities.

Statement of Commitment

Levitt-Safety is committed to ensuring equal access and participation for people with disabilities. We are committed to treating people with disabilities in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence.

We believe in integration, and we are committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner. We will do so by removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and by meeting our accessibility requirements under Ontario’s and Manitoba’s accessibility laws.

Customer Service Standard

The mission of Levitt-Safety is to provide accessible customer service to people with disabilities and we have developed policies that comply with Regulation 429/07 of the AODA – Accessibility Standards for Customer Service.

In fulfilling our mission, Levitt-Safety strives to provide our goods and services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. We are committed to giving people with disabilities the same opportunity to access our services and allowing them to benefit from the same services, in the same place and in a similar way as other individuals.

We have created and implemented a plan that achieves the following requirements of the Customer Service Standard of the AODA:

  • Considers a person’s disability when communicating with them
  • Allows assistive devices in the workplace
  • Allows service animals
  • Welcomes support persons
  • Advises customers know when accessible services aren’t available
  • Invites customers to provide feedback

We have trained all our staff on accessible customer service and each new member of the team is trained as part of the onboarding process.

The plan is available in writing to the public and Levitt-Safety employees.

Accessible Emergency Information

We are committed to providing customers and clients with publicly available emergency information in an accessible way upon request. We will also provide employees with disabilities with individualized emergency response information when necessary.


We provide training to employees and other staff members in accordance with Ontario’s accessibility laws and the Human Rights Code as it relates to people with disabilities. Training was  provided in a way that best suits the duties of employees, volunteers and other staff members and was implemented in line with the requirements prior to January 1, 2015. This continues today and is adjusted to the meet the changing needs of the workforce and accessibility laws as required.

Training is provided to all new staff as part of the onboarding process as part of their core training and education.

Training includes the IASR and Human Rights Code requirements as it relates to the AODA. The training is administrated through our Learning Management System which records dates of all training completed by employee.

Information and Communications

Our companies are committed to meeting the communication needs of people with disabilities.

We will consult with people with disabilities to determine their information and communication needs.

We are striving to make content on new websites conform with WCAG 2.0, Level A by January 1, 2015, and WCAG, 2.0, Level AA by January 1, 2021.

We will ensure existing feedback processes are accessible to people with disabilities upon request by January 1, 2015.

Levitt-Safety and NLT  ensured all publicly available information was made accessible upon request by January 1, 2016.


Levitt-Safety is committed to fair and accessible employment practices. We will accommodate people with disabilities during the recruitment process and when hired. Levitt-Safety will take the following steps:

  • The following text is included in all job postings on our applicant tracking system: “Levitt-Safety/NLT is committed to the principle of employment equity in the workplace and ensures that our practices of hiring are based on qualifications and ability. We invite all applicants, including persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and Indigenous Peoples to apply for our career opportunities. If you require any accommodation in the application process, please contact us with the “Need Help” button in the application.”
  • Employee manuals will include our commitment to creating and maintaining an inclusive and accessible workplace.
  • Recruiters and managers will be advised of our commitment

Levitt-Safety offers equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to disability or any other prohibited ground under the provincial Human Rights Code.

We have an Early and Safe Return to Work Program that allows any employee who suffers a workplace injury or illness return to work as early and safely as possible, which includes individual accommodation plans.

    Design of Public Spaces

    Our companies will meet the Accessibility Standards for the Design of Public Spaces when building or making major modification to public spaces, including outdoor paths of travel, sidewalks, ramps, and stairs.

    Levitt-Safety and Northern Light Technologies will put procedures in place to prevent service disruptions to its accessible parts of its public spaces.

    In the event of a service disruption, we will notify the public of the service disruption and alternatives available.

    Emergency Plans and Procedures

    Information regarding emergency procedures and plans for our Ontario locations is available upon request via the contacts below.


    AODA Feedback (Human Resources)

    2872 Bristol Circle

    Oakville, ON L6H 5T5

    Telephone: 905-829-3299

    Fax: 905-829-5422

    Email: [email protected]

    Bruce Levitt


    Levitt-Safety Ltd.

    Northern Light Technologies

    AODA Feedback

    533 McNicoll Ave.

    East York, ON M2H 2C9

    Telephone: 416-425-6559

    Fax: 416-425-5960

    Email: [email protected]

    Fred Kopeschny

    General Manager

    Northern Light Technologies