iNet Exchange Gas Detector Exchange Service

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iNet Exchange is the easiest way to maintain gas monitors

You can simplify all aspects of your gas detection program with iNet Exchange.

iNet Exchange is a subscription service that covers gas detectors, shipping, calibration gas, docking stations and training.

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With iNet Exchange, you’ll always have the monitors you need, right when you need them. Instead of your team spending valuable time fixing broken monitors, we automatically repair and replace your critical safety equipment, eliminating your maintenance pains.

How iNet Exchange works:

Every time you dock your monitors, we review the performance of the monitor, sensors, the circuit board, the microprocessors, and the pump.

We’ll tell you whether a monitor needs to be replaced soon — before it fails — and we’ll automatically replace it.

Before you know it, an iNet Exchange box is on your doorstep with a new unit, so you can spend more time managing your safety program and less time repairing gas detectors.

inet exchange

  1. With the instrument docked, the docking station performs bump tests, calibration and record keeping.
  2. iNet Control provides visibility into your gas detection program.
  3. iNet emails real-time alerts and status reports.
  4. If iNet detects a problem, a replacement instrument is rushed to you.

The benefits of iNet Exchange:

Ensure gas detectors are available when and where you need them:

  • Avoid instrument downtime with proactive gas detector replacement, typically within 48 hours.
  • Eliminate the costs of extra parts, monitors, and calibration gas.
  • Eliminate the time spent managing warranty claims.

Pay only for what you need, when you need it:

  • Increase the number of instruments in your fleet to meet demand.
  • Get everything you need for your gas detection program including setup, training, calibration gas, and maintenance and repair through one service.
  • Add rental equipment at discounted rates for temporary projects.

Eliminate unexpected gas detector expenses:

  • Set up your iNet Exchange program with no up-front capital investment.
  • Anticipate a fixed cost that covers items including gas detectors, shipping, calibration gas, docking stations, and more.
  • Receive replacement units automatically without making additional purchases.

What people love about iNet Exchange:

"I got an alert about a sensor and the next day I had a new monitor sitting on my desk. With iNet Exchange, we can change out the instrument before we’re at risk of having a safety situation.” – HSE Advisor for a leading oilfield services company

“If you have more than 10 instruments, you cannot live without iNet Exchange.” – Health & Safety Specialist for a leading petroleum refinery

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Connecting iNet Exchange to the bigger safety picture:

You can configure Industrial Scientific's connected safety solutions to your site's unique needs. Learn how each piece connects to iNet Exchange.

Ventis Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitor

The Ventis Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitor offers flexible sensor options to detect up to five of the following: combustible gases, Cl2, CO, H2S, HCN, NO2, NH3, O2, PH3, and SO2.

The Ventis Pro5 comes standard with a man-down alarm, panic button, customizable alarm action messages, and LENS® Wireless peer-to-peer connectivity.

Optional connectivity features include a wi-fi battery, cellular battery, or dual cellular/satellite connectivity through the TGX™ Gateway.

Learn more about Ventis Pro5

product image of ventis pro5 multi-gas detector

Radius BZ1 Area Monitor

The Radius BZ1 Area Monitor allows you to monitor up to seven of the following: combustible gases, volatile organic compounds, CO, Cl2, H2, H2S, HCN, NO, NO2, O2, PH3, and SO2.

Create perimeters or fence lines to monitor leaks or spills and protect safe zones.

Know what’s happening at a safe distance thanks to LENS Wireless peer-to-peer connectivity, loud and bright alarms, and an extra-large display.

Learn more about Radius BZ1

product image of radius bz1 area monitor

iNet Now Live Monitoring Software

iNet Now Live Monitoring software provides real-time text and email alerts for gas hazards, panic, and man-down situations, allowing you to see a map of activity and respond to incidents as they occur.

iNet Now provides complete visibility into your site. This makes it easy to manage safety and productivity.

Learn more about iNet Now Live Montoring

product image of inet now

TGX Gateway

The vehicle-mounted TGX Gateway connects remote teams and lone workers to a central safety contact, transmitting location, gas readings, and real-time alerts from LENS Wireless-enabled Ventis Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitors and Radius BZ1 Area Monitors to iNet Now Live Monitoring software.

With no charging required and cellular connectivity with automatic failover to satellite, the TGX Gateway is ideal for remote locations where cellular alone cannot reliably connect workers to safety contacts.

product image of tgx gateway

RGX Gateway

The portable RGX Gateway connects on-site teams to a central contact, transmitting location, gas readings, and real-time alerts from LENS Wireless-enabled Ventis Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitors and Radius BZ1 Area Monitors to iNet Now Live Monitoring software.

With 168 hours of continuous run time and cellular, wi-fi, and Ethernet connectivity options, the RGX Gateway can transmit data from the farthest corners of your plant or deepest basements, giving you the power to connect your entire site.

product image of rgx gateway

iNet Control

iNet® Control is gas detection management software that provides unparalleled visibility into your gas detection program. Now you can easily manage your hazards, people, and equipment from anywhere with one simple dashboard.

Learn more about iNet Control

product image of inet control

Safer One Plume Modelling

Safer One is dynamic plume modelling software that gives you the real-time information you need to proactively respond to a chemical release and reduce the risk to your people, plant, and community.

Learn more about Safer One

man sitting in truck using laptop to track plume modeling

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