Safer One Chemical Plume Modelling Software

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Safer One™ dynamic chemical plume modelling software

Safer One dynamic plume modelling software lets users respond with confidence during a chemical release.

The software provides real-time information needed to proactively respond to a chemical release and reduce the risk to your team, plant and community. 

You will be able to identify a chemical event's source, severity and community impact by integrating real-time data from on-site gas and weather sensors with Google Maps. 

You can use Safer One for emergency response or everyday use. Either way, you’re prepared for any chemical situation. 

What is dynamic plume modelling software?

Seconds make the difference between disaster and successful crisis management in the wake of a chemical release.

Plume models are software-based algorithms that calculate the path and concentration of airborne contaminants after a release. You may have also heard them called atmospheric plume dispersion models.

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The difference between static and dynamic plume modelling:

Most facilities use only static plume models — data manually entered to simulate the potential dispersion of a gas cloud. If information is not available, you must enter your best estimate. The plume generated by a static model is never up to date. Working with old data makes accurate simulation impossible. 

Dynamic plume modelling tools expand on static modelling tools by incorporating real-time gas and weather data. This gives you more accurate, up-to-date, and detailed information. 

Safer One puts you in control by allowing you to monitor, model, and mitigate chemical releases in real-time.

Protect your team and community with Safer One:

  • Identify Affected Areas: See affected areas on a clear map. Collect real-time data from gas sensors, weather stations and local maps to see all vital information in one place.
  • Stop Leaks Fast: Identify the source of the chemical leak so you can stop it faster.
  • Communicate Effectively: Generate detailed reports to share with first responders and community stakeholders.
  • Automate Event Analysis: Improve efficiency and accuracy by eliminating tedious manual event analysis processes. Algorithms calculate the analysis for you using real-time data.

How Safer One can take your existing safety plan to the next level:

  • Emergency Response: Accurately predict chemical concentrations along the dispersion path, so you can control the situation from start to finish.
  • Odour Control: Resolve odour complaints by identifying any leak source at any time to know whether it’s coming from your facility or somewhere else.
  • Turnaround and Shutdowns: Simulate what could go wrong, then prepare your crew and emergency response team for these scenarios.

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