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Prescription safety eyewear for companies

Levitt-Safety is proud to offer a great way for businesses to provide workers with prescription safety eyewear through our in-house program and through the Eyelation kiosks.

Long gone are the days of bulky, heavy safety glasses.

Levitt-Safety offers a wide range of fashionable safety frames to fit any size and shape of face, while complying with CSA standards. Additionally, prescription inserts for select goggles and respirators are available.

Properly fitted prescription safety eyewear allows for added comfort, protection and improved vision, enabling increased worker productivity.

All prescription safety frames include permanently attached side shields.

Looking for something specific?

Levitt-Safety offers a complete range of equipment, service and training options to keep workers safe and businesses running. Click an offering to learn how Levitt-Safety can help or fill out the form on this page to speak with a safety specialist.