Brady LINK360® Software

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Quickly create standardized safety material across your entire organization.

Real-Time Data

LINK360® software gives managers a complete view of the activities that are performed to create, use, and update visual information found on and around equipment and machines – whether at a single location or across many.

Create Procedures

Users can easily create visual procedures for lockout tagout, confined spaces and maintenance tasks. In addition to procedures users can create corresponding labels, tags and permits/permit requests. Procedures are fully customizable to include step by step instructions for locking out a machine, verification steps, visuals and company branding.

Take it With You

Your LINK360® data and workflow are available through your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phones giving you the power to access procedures in remote locations and on multiple devices, removing barriers to accessing documents, driving greater overall visibility within your safety programs.

Powerful Reports

Detailed reporting helps you not only track your procedure creation, audit history and permitting history, but also allows you to benchmark. Reports can be pulled by site, area or overall safety program and include: Recently revised procedures, procedures due for audit, procedure revision history, newly published procedures, confined space permit history and more!