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Industrial hygiene and occupational health instruments

There's no denying the link between people's health and wellness and work environments.

Workers in every industry face exposure to dozens of safety risks, including chemicals, noise, temperature, radiation, and diseases.

Industrial hygiene uses science and engineering to anticipate, recognize and control workplace conditions that could cause workers injury or illness. Industrial hygienists use environmental monitoring (like air sampling) and analytical methods to detect the extent of worker exposure and employee controls to mitigate potential health hazards.

When employees feel valued and work in safe, healthy environments, they're more productive and committed to their work.

With measurable cost savings, higher productivity and greater industry competitiveness, improving the health of your employees go far beyond the goodwill it provides.

Levitt-Safety is proud to provide Canada's workers' professionals with a wide range of products and services supported by a knowledgeable, dedicated team. We partner with industry-leading suppliers to bring you the solutions you need.

We offer a wide range of industrial hygiene instruments, from sound level meters and noise dosimeters to heat stress monitors and quantitative fit testing systems, all designed to assist you in ensuring the health and safety of your workers.

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