Fixed Gas Detection

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Fixed gas detection is appropriate for uncontrolled or public areas where access is not controlled and gas hazards may be present. The deployment of detection equipment can be challenged by indoor/outdoor conditions, the availability of power and by the need to provide an appropriate warning so the hazard can be responded to appropriately.

Typical installations involve sensors/transmitters, controllers and peripherals, like horns and strobes. For areas classified for intrinsic safety, either explosion-proof or intrinsically safe equipment must be used.

Levitt-Safety offers a full suite of after-sale services for your fixed gas detection, including installation, commissioning, and on-site calibration and repair on most industry-leading brands - MSA, GFG, Oldham, Honeywell and Ion Science.

If you need help selecting the appropriate fixed gas detection system for your worksite or require servicing of your equipment, get in touch with us today to request your quote or book your service.