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What is audiometry?

Hearing loss is not only a problem for older people. People subjected to loud environments or higher than normal levels of noise for long periods of time can also experience hearing loss.

One way to test for hearing loss is through the use of audiometry.

An audiometry exam tests how well your hearing functions. An audiometer tests the intensity and the tone of sounds. The exam also tests for balance issues and issues that could relate to the inner ear.

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An audiometer produces a tone at a particular frequency and decibel. The person being tested acknowledges if they can hear the sound. The audiometric test finds the limit of the lowest decibel the individual can hear to create a hearing profile.

Workers should have a test performed when they are first hired to create a baseline. The baseline will be used for comparison at annual test appointments to see if there is a concern for hearing loss.

Audiometric testing

Audiometric testing is a standardized measurement procedure (hearing test) to check a worker's hearing.

There are two types of audiometer tests:

  1. Reference test: Conducted after a period of 12 to 14 hours away from noise. The test is required within six months of a new hire, preferably within 30 days.
  2. Monitoring test: This should be conducted annually.

Effective follow-up to hearing shifts can help prevent permanent noise-induced hearing loss.

In jurisdictions where audiometric testing is not a regulatory requirement, Bev suggests organizations go beyond the requirements and implement a best practice to assess the hearing health of their workers.

Our bestselling audiometers:

Levitt-Safety distributes audiometric instruments and hearing conservation products from top manufacturers, including Tremetrics, Quest by 3M, Eckel Industries, Workplace Integra, and SoundEar.

Tremetrics® RA660 PC-Based Audiometer with HearCon Software

  • Automatic, semi-automatic, or manual testing operation
  • Fully integrated bio-acoustic simulator, talk-over mic and response switch
  • Optional integrated room monitor measures background noise
  • Quickly test up to 8 people simultaneously with additional audiometer modules
Tremetrics® RA660 PC-Based Audiometer with HearCon Software

Tremetrics® RA360 Industrial Audiometer

  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Built-in test instructions in multiple languages
  • Internal storage of 500 audiograms
  • Optional USB printer, room monitor, and Oscar 360 available
Tremetrics RA360 Industrial Audiometer

Eckel 4230 Audiometric Sound Booth

  • Modular, portable booth with Cam-Lock construction
  • Many sizes available to fit your space/li>
  • Includes left or right opening door and window, jack panel, & LED lighting
  • Optional features include window-in-door and trailer-mounting package
Eckel 4230 Audiometric Sound Booth

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