Personal & Area Monitoring

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In Canadian workplaces, extreme heat poses a potential threat, requiring personal and area monitoring to manage heat stress. Reducing the risk for workers depends on assessing individual and environmental factors, ensuring regulatory compliance, and implementing control measures.

The personal monitoring of heat exposure involves using wearable devices that measure core body temperature, heart rate, and environmental conditions. Using this data, managers can adjust work-rest cycles and target interventions for at-risk employees in real-time.

Area monitoring assesses the thermal environment of specific work areas based on ambient temperature, humidity, radiant heat, and air velocity. Employers can design engineering controls, modify practices, and provide personal protective equipment based on understanding these conditions.

Using Personal and Area Monitoring can help protect employees, boost productivity, and ensure compliance with Canadian regulations. 

Here are the top personal and area monitoring tools to select from:

Personal Monitoring Device:

SlateSafety Band V2:

This wearable safety band allows you to monitor the condition of your team throughout the workday. Real-time sensors measure heart rate, core body temperature, exertion, and more. The device is waterproof, features LED lights and vibration for real-time alerts, an industry-leading sensor for various biometric data and rugged polycarbonate exterior for extreme conditions. With Web, IOS, and Android applications, safety leaders can easily log in to the web platform or mobile app to view real-time dashboards, configure alert thresholds, and receive analytics.


Area Monitoring Devices:

QuestTemp° WBGT Heat Stress Monitors:

These instruments measure temperature, relative humidity along with wet bulb, dry bulb, and globe temperatures to calculate the WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) index used to determine work-rest cycles as part of a heat stress management policy. These rugged instruments have an IP54 rating to protect from dirt, dust, oil, and water.  Available in datalogging or non-datalogging versions with the potential to add up to 2 additional sensor modules for each instrument.


Sper Scientific WBGT Heat Stress Monitor:

Designed to measure and record various environmental parameters, including relative humidity (RH), air temperature (TA), dew point, wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT), and black globe temperature (TG). It also captures the date and time of each sample. The data is stored on a standard SD memory card that has unlimited storage and is easily transportable.