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Effective work/rest cycles are crucial for employee well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction, especially in high-heat settings. To manage heat stress for outdoor workers, provide heavy or lightweight pop-up tents with features like easy setup, durability, and customization. 

Investing in these tents demonstrates a commitment to worker health, fostering a healthier and more productive workplace. By providing a comfortable and productive environment, employers can enhance employee satisfaction, reduce absenteeism, and improve overall workplace performance.

Here’s a range of pop-up tents that can help your workers rest:

SHAX Heavy-Duty Pop-Up Tent

Engineered for excellence, these instant shelters are your solution against the scorching sun and heat stress. With a generous 10ft x 10ft footprint, it delivers 100 square feet of shade, making it your go-to choice for job sites.  


Do you know the signs of heat-related illness?

Recognize the signs by downloading our Heat Stress Infographic.