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Signature Services

Levitt-Safety is proud to have pioneered a holistic approach by a safety provider. We understand the protection of your employees and facilities are critical, and go way beyond products. We offer a complete range of safety-related services, from helping you develop your safety program to training your team to maintaining the readiness of your critical fire and life safety systems through their entire life cycle.

  • EHS Training & Consulting Services

    With an offering that includes on-site assessments/auditing, program development, and instructor-led accredited training courses, you can count on us to ensure you are prepared and working safe.

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  • EHS Instrument Solutions

    Providing expert advice for over 35 years in the areas of gas detection, industrial hygiene, occupational health, and environmental monitoring.

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  • EHS Rental Services

    Top quality instruments and PPE for convenient daily, weekly, or monthly rental.

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  • Fire & Life Safety Services

    Ensuring your facilities and life saving equipment are in proper working condition and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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  • Fire Protection Systems

    Experts in the design, installation and maintenance of fire suppression and detection systems.

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  • Safety Prescription Eyewear Division

    A comprehensive safety prescription eyewear program that is economical and easy to administer.

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  • Healthcare Solutions

    Providing exceptional service and quality medical products to the Canadian occupational health care industry.

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