• IoT and Technology

    Where is the future taking workplace safety?

    The Connected Worker… Connected Safety… Smart Safety… all these terms reference a similar evolution in safety practices

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  • You CAN better manage chemical injuries with Diphoterine™

    A Game Changer in Managing Chemical Injuries

    (And we don't use that term lightly.)

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  • The K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleat

    The Grip that Changed the Game.

    The K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleat rotates to the top of the foot when transitioning indoors, driving a truck or climbing a ladder. The Smart, Safe and Simple Solution to Winter Traction.

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  • Thousands of safety products at your fingertips.

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  • You work hard to ensure your facilities and employees are outfitted with the best safety equipment available.

    Fire & Life Safety Services

    Both our maintenance programs and highly-trained technicians ensure this equipment is in proper working condition and in compliance with your health and safety department or as required under provincial and/or municipal legislation.

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Safety Matters, It’s All We Do

An Introduction to Levitt Safety

We offer a complete range of safety-related services, from helping you develop your safety program to training your team to maintaining the readiness of your critical fire and life safety systems through their entire life cycle.

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