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Fire sprinkler systems save lives and protect buildings — but only if they are properly maintained.

Levitt-Safety is here to help! We offer CAD drawing design, installation, preventative maintenance and emergency services.

Common types of automatic sprinklers:

Levitt-Safety services all types of sprinkler systems including wet, dry, deluge and pre-action.

The four most common types of automatic fire sprinkler systems are:

  1. Wet-Pipe System: Most common type of sprinklers. This system constantly has water in it for a quick response to fire.
  2. Pre-Action System: Used in sensitive areas like data centres. Only releases water into the protected area when it detects physical and electrical smoke/heat. This prevents water damage from an accidental discharge.
  3. Dry-Pipe System: Used in areas with low temperatures so pipes do not freeze. The pipe contains pressurized air to cause a small delay in water discharge.
  4. Deluge System: Used in areas where a quick flash out is possible. Has open heads that can be used when a hazard is present. Needs a smoke or heat detector.

Fire sprinkler maintenance schedule:


  • Check dry pipe valve rooms or enclosure systems.
  • Inspect auxiliary drains to prevent freezing.


  • Check unsupervised control valves.
  • Check air and water pressure on dry pipe systems.


  • Test sprinkler alarms on sprinkler systems that do not have electrical supervisory signal service only.
  • Inspect valves that are locked open.

Every 3 Months:

  • Inspect alarm devices, hydraulic nameplates and fire department connections.

Every Year:

  • Inspect buildings, hanger/seismic bracing, pipe, fittings and sprinklers.
  • Inspect and test control valves, alarm switches, gauges, backflow preventer, anti-freeze loops, fire department connections and visible piping.
  • Inspect and trip test dry, pre-action and deluge systems.

Every 5 Years:

  • Inspect hoses, containers and piping. Service as needed.
  • Standpipe testing includes dry standpipe hydrostatic testing.
  • Internal pipe inspections and obstruction investigations.

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