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Welcome to our health & safety library!

Explore our library of occupational health and safety-related resources. In the resource centre you will find a wealth of knowledge.

Information is divided into the following categories:

  • Guides: Find product-related guides and educational guides. Product guides focus on topics specific to an industry or occupation. Educational guides are long-form content pieces that look at a topic from many perspectives.
  • Product Notices & Recalls: Find important information related to product notices and recalls. Along with emailing notices and recalls to our customer base, we post the recalls here for visibility.
  • Industries: The products, services and training that we offer based on a given industry.
  • Webinars: Learn new information by watching our on-demand webinars. We cover a wide range of topics and each webinar features a question and answer section from audience members who attended the live presentation.

The valuable content in our health & safety library will help educate your organization; this library doesn’t have late fees.