Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems (VFSS)


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Why vehicle fire suppression systems (VFSS) are a critical component of heavy machinery:

Large mobile and specialty equipment are susceptible to fire for a number of reasons. Many operate virtually non-stop, running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

This equipment uses a variety of flammable liquids including:

  • lubricating oils
  • diesel fuels
  • greases, and
  • hydraulic fluids.

They generate considerable amounts of heat from engine blocks, manifolds, turbochargers, electrical components, and brake systems. If a fire occurs, the results can be dramatic.

Operator safety is very important in designing vehicle fire suppression systems, along with mitigating the potential for expensive repair or replacement of valuable assets. 

Vehicle systems can range from simple to incredibly complex and include options like automatic detection or manual activation, and some even incorporate data-logging, IR and thermal detection abilities.

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