PPE Recycling Boxes

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Two recycling options to choose from:

    Zero Waste Boxes from Terracycle

    The Zero Waste Box is designed to recycle workplace waste including:

    • safety equipment and protective gear
    • disposable masks
    • disposable gloves
    • hairnets, beard nets and earplugs
    • disposable garments and coveralls, and
    • safety glasses.

    You can even recycle candy wrappers, shoes and cigarette butts with TerraCycle.

    Zero waste recycling boxes in three sizes
    Three Zero Waste Recycling boxes for disposable glove

    Disposable Gloves - Zero Waste Box™

    Use this Zero Waste Box to recycle any brand and size of used nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves.

    • The small box holds 620 gloves.
    • The medium box holds about 1,670 gloves.
    • The large box holds about 3,260 gloves.

    How recycling with TerraCycle works:

    The process is simple. You will be recycling in four quick steps.

    1. Order your Zero Waste Box from Levitt-Safety.
    2. Collect a full box of accepted materials.
    3. Ship the box to TerraCycle using a prepaid return label.
    4. Sit back and relax – TerraCycle will do the rest.
    Order, collect, ship, process and created icons

    LifeCycle Revive Medical Recycling

    Recycle healthcare and medical waste including:

    • Face masks
    • Head coverings
    • Shoe coverings
    • Clean medical gowns
    • Clean sterile wrap
    • Plastic bottles
    • All polypropylene and polyethylene non-woven fabrics

    You can divert tons of medical waste from landfills and turn it into recycled products with LifeCycle Revive.

    Linear drawing of a box to drop medical PPE for products

    How recycling with LifeCycle Revive works:

    1. Sort: Staff and customers dispose of used PPE in recycling boxes.
    2. Store: When bins are full, store them in warehouse on pallets or bins. Contact us when a truckload is ready.
    3. Transport: LifeCycle picks up filled boxes and drops off more empty boxes at scheduled pickup time.
    4. Create: LifeCycle takes the boxes to their plant in Brantford, Ontario to create LifeCycle Resin™

    What is LifeCycle Resin™?

    LifeCycle Resin are blue pellets. They are made from 80% recycled waste. These pellets can be turned into household items and healthcare supplies.

    Household items:

    • Garbage cans
    • Storage bins
    • Recycling bins

    Healthcare supplies:

    • Bed pans
    • Patient kits
    • Trays

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