Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL) Service

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Self-retracting lifelines (SRL) & self-retracting devices (SRD)

Self-retracting lifelines are effective in minimizing the risk of working at heights – but, to do this properly they must be in good working order and must be used, stored, inspected and cleaned correctly. 

Levitt-Safety is an authorized service center for 3M (formerly Capital Safety, DBI-Sala & Protecta brands), MSA and Honeywell (North, Titan and Miller brands).

How often do self-retracting lifelines need to be serviced?

Until recently SRLs needed to be inspected two years after buying (from new) and then annually after that time.

The CSA group's SRL standard Z259.2.2 bases inspection requirements on the equipment's environmental and storage conditions.

With the new standard, SRLs have to be serviced every five years for light use, two years for heavy use and once annually for severe use. The table below explains it more in-depth.

Type of Use

Application Examples

Conditions of Use


Competent Person (ANSI/CSA)

Product Revalidation (CSA)

Infrequent to light

Rescue and
confined space, factory maintenance.

Good storage conditions, indoor or infrequent outdoor use, room temperature, clean environment.

Before each use


At least every 5 years but not longer than the interval required by the manufacturer.

Moderate to heavy

Transportation, residential, construction,
utilities, warehouse.

Fair storage conditions, indoor and extended outdoor use, all temperatures, clean or dusty environment.

Before each use

Semi-annually to annually

At least every 2 years but not longer than the interval required by the manufacturer.

Severe to continuous

Commercial construction,
oil and gas, mining, foundry.

Hard storage conditions, prolonged or continuous outdoor use, all temperatures, dirty environment.

Before each use

Quarterly to semi-annually

At least annually but not longer than the interval required by the manufacturer.

Note: After an impact, the SRL must be removed from service per CSA, inspected and re-certified.

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