MX908 Portable Mass Spectrometer

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MX908® is the world's smallest mass spectrometer

The MX908 is the latest handheld mass spectrometer.

Elite responders around the world use MX908 to conduct chemical, explosive, priority drug and hazmat operations.

Using MX908 you can choose a mission and analyze the sample. It will instruct you through the necessary steps to get results in minutes.

What is MX908?

MX908 is a trace detector and identifier.

It uses high-pressure mass spectrometry to offer a better trace solution for multiple threats including:

  • chemical warfare agents
  • explosives
  • high-toxicity drugs
  • toxic industrial chemicals (TICs)
  • precursors, and
  • degradation products.


MX908 portable Mass Spectrometer

EMS worker holding an MX908 Portable Mass Spectrometer

Military using an MX908 portable spectrometer

Identifies threats at trace levels

You can detect compounds at sensitivity levels comparable to ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) with better selectivity. Thanks to high-pressure mass spectrometry you can separate priority threats from interference that lead to false alarms with other technologies.

This device can identify chemical warfare agents at low parts per billion and explosive at low nanogram levels.

Types of mission modes:

  • Drug hunter: Detects drugs like fentanyl and fentanyl-analogues and other high-priority abuse drugs.
  • Explosives hunter: Detects priority threats from homemade energetics and relevant precursors to military and commercial-grade explosives.
  • CWA hunter: Detects priority chemical warfare agents including real-time vapour quantification.

MX908 Portable Mass Spectrometer

Chemical threats:

Chemical threats include chemical warfare agents (CWAs), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), precursors, degradation products, fourth-generation agents (FGAs) or Novichoks.

First responders, CBRNE teams and hazmat response units must prepare for the unexpected.

MX908 lets responders quickly detect a broad range of gas and trace level vapour threat categories.

Ongoing updates with real-world data on new threats let users quickly adapt to new priority threats as they evolve.


Emergency responders, bomb disposal units, civilian support teams and military need expanded capabilities for rapid detection, identification and monitoring of new threats at the point of action.

Field optical tools perform well for explosive detection when large amounts of material are available to test but are unreliable as sample size shrinks. With MX908 emergency responders can perform rapid, highly sensitive trace detection for many explosives and precursors no matter how much sample is available. A simple swab test detects even what can’t be seen.

Priority drugs:

Controlled substances continue to find their way into our communities. Illicit drugs come in many forms from pure materials to street-cut mixtures. Detecting and identifying them at trace levels with minimal exposure risk – especially for highly toxic synthetic opioids – is critical.

Emergency responders, law enforcement officials and border security agents need immediate and actionable intelligence on a wide variety of known and unknown materials. MX908 provides answers in minutes for field analysis, clandestine lab exploitation, and checkpoint operations.

With sensitivity levels comparable to ion mobility mass spectrometry (IMS) and significantly enhanced selectivity, MX908 can detect trace quantities (nanogram levels) of priority threats among many interferents other less selective technologies can't identify.

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