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In our world of progress, we face more and more the chemical risk. Thanks to the progress of science our standard of living grows, but in the same time, we introduce new potential dangers in our environment, in our food and for some people at their work station.

Too many people take risks every day, from the conception in laboratories, where researchers manipulate molecules which are still unknown, taking risks for themselves at short and long term because of the lack of knowledge of the consequences of their works, to the wastes, which are more and more numerous, which we have to control and recycle if we do not want to induce irreversible modifications of our environment, with production and concentration of these risks for an urban environment and by the consumption which mass effects are often identified only with epidemiological studies.

We want to be close to these men and women who can make their environment safer thanks to modern methods. We want to guarantee their safety against the chemical risk in being at the forefront of the knowledge, of the prevention and the emergency technics.

Understanding the chemical product, controling it, finding preventing answers and the antidotes, that is the mission of PREVOR.

Regrouping in our laboratory international teams coming from various scientific backgrounds, our will and experience allow us today to help people who face chemical risk.

With our advice, they can reduce the risks and with our products they change the way to apprehend accidents and cancel the sequelae. Thanks to our research work, they anticipate the dangers in the modification ways that allow, without changing the interest of the products, to decrease the level of danger.

We want to be the partner of everyone who wants to diminish the chemical risk in proposing new solutions to control the dangers without reducing the productivity and the advantages of the science.

We are scientists that work on the progress of safety.