The How-To Guide for Preventing Hearing Loss in the Workplace

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Hearing damage is painless, causes no visible trauma and leaves no scars. But, hearing loss is 100% preventable. Download the How-To Guide for Hearing Loss Prevention in the Workplace.


About the guide:

This guide outlines the best practices for creating a hearing loss prevention program in your workplace.

We've designed the material for people who must develop and manage a hearing loss prevention program, or those who must wear or enforce the use of hearing protection devices in the workplace. 

The goal of this guide is to give you confidence – whether you're looking to learn more about the concepts of hearing loss prevention or start making significant changes in your workplace.

 The guide examines standards and practices at a high level. It may not answer all your questions, but it will provide a solid foundation for further research. And you can contact us for advice and recommendations about your specific application at any time! 

Guide highlights:

  • The difference between sound and noise   
  • How noise is measured
  • Hazardous noise limits for Canada   
  • Is your workplace too loud? 
  • The 8 elements of a hearing loss prevention program (HLPP)   
  • Final thoughts   
  • Glossary