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Michael DouglasLone Worker Safety: Are you Prepared?

Just because an employee isn’t working alone at an isolated site doesn’t mean that they’re not a “lone worker”. In fact, they could be surrounded by people and still be technically working alone. Across all industries, many employees face lone... (Click to Read More...)

Alton NewmanFire Extinguishers: A Beginner's Guide

Fire extinguishers come in many different types, sizes and capabilities. From small units for the household to industrial, hundred-pound extinguishers set on wheels, there’s a fire solution for every setting. So, how do you know which extinguisher is right for... (Click to Read More...)

Eric HuardArc Flash: Demystified

Big foot. The Loch Ness Monster. Arc flashes. They all seem to have some mystery surrounding them. As much as I’d like turn this into a blog about monster hunting in the BC interior, let’s demystify the topic that Mr.... (Click to Read More...)

Eric HuardYour Cotton T-shirt is Not Your Friend!

We all have that old faithful Saturday morning, super-soft, cotton t-shirt that’s been with us for years that we just can’t seem to part with. Ever throw it on under your work clothes and realize halfway through the day that... (Click to Read More...)

Shannon GeeLifting is part of the job. Back injuries shouldn’t be.

Did you know that 80 per cent of work-related back injuries are a result of manual materials handling (MMH)? Lifting is common in many workplaces, but back problems shouldn’t be. What starts out as a minor ache or strain can... (Click to Read More...)

Alton NewmanAre You Prepared For a Fire?

Would your employees know what to do if there was a fire at your workplace? OSHA reports that fires and explosions kill 200 and injure more than 5,000 people on the job each year. Even small fires can be detrimental... (Click to Read More...)
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