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Jonathan McCallumJanuary 25, 2023

Choosing a Sound Level Meter? Here’s what you need to know

First, let’s start with a definition: What is a sound level meter? A Sound Level Meter is a device that measures sound pressure levels in real-time in a specific area or from a sound source. It measures: time-averaged or time-weigh...
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Leslie MolinJanuary 12, 2023

Get a grip this winter: How to walk on ice with confidence

Winter in Canada is great. You can play the best sports, the scenery is gorgeous and the world becomes your freezer. There's just one problem: Ice. Everywhere. There were over 67,000 visits to hospital emergency rooms in Canada from ...
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Leslie MolinDecember 16, 2022

Women’s PPE should be comfortable

Women are making up a larger portion of the workforce in skilled labour, trades and primary industry year after year. As more women enter these industries, the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) that addresses the needs of wo...
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Leslie MolinAugust 19, 2022

The secret technology hidden inside your gloves

You may not realize it when you slip on a pair of gloves, but decades of science and technology advancements are wrapped inside those yarns. ATG is the industry leader when it comes to technologies that improve hand protection. Using the...
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Leslie MolinJuly 27, 2022

Are your emergency shower and eyewash stations compliant? Here’s an easy fix

The pandemic wreaked havoc on department staffing and budgets, making regular facility inspections a challenge. Emergency shower and eyewash stations are compliance areas that can easily be overlooked. Having a functioning emergency show...
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Bruce LevittJuly 21, 2022

Interschutz 2022: Exploring the world’s leading fire and rescue trade show

I recently returned from spending some time in Hannover, Germany, at Interschutz , the world’s largest trade show for all things related to fire protection. Intereschutz normally happens every four or five years but it had to be re...
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Derek McEwenJuly 18, 2022

Ansul LVS NF-40 solves the problem of environmental contamination and cancer-causing PFAS foam

Heavy mobile equipment is the backbone of many industries across Canada. This machinery works around the clock, and fire protection systems must be ready in the event of a fire emergency to protect the operator, co-workers, workplace and...
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Jonathan McCallumJuly 14, 2022

The struggle to treat lung disease in rural healthcare settings

There's a community off the northeast coast of Newfoundland called Fogo Island . Roughly 3,000 people call the island home year-round. In May 2022, CBC reported one woman’s lengthy trips to receive cancer treatment. While the h...
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Leslie MolinJuly 5, 2022

Get tailor-made chemical PPE suggestions with the Ansell Guardian® program

Choosing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) for working with chemicals shouldn't be difficult. We're making it easy to buy the best chemical PPE by teaming up with Ansell to bring you the Ansell Guardian® program. ...
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Gary RaeJune 22, 2022

When to use the 4 new sensors for Radius BZ1 area gas monitor

Area gas monitors, like the Radius BZ1, are a great tool to let you see if gas hazards on a site could threaten workers. Area monitors enable you to create a safe buffer zone between workers and potential gas hazards. Area monitors are u...
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Jonathan McCallumJune 20, 2022

The benefits of portable spirometry for long-COVID and COPD in point-of-care settings

Providing healthcare during the pandemic has been no small feat. People have been hesitant to seek care from their physician or healthcare provider for fear of contracting COVID-19 and those with the illness have worried about spreading ...
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Gary RaeJune 7, 2022

Underground mines are improving productivity and safety with NLT Digital

Mines around the world choose NLT Digital to solve a variety of networking challenges, increase productivity and protect people. There are a lot of challenges posed by working underground. Three of the most common challenges in undergrou...
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