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Maureen McGillisConstruction Safety by the Numbers

The construction industry in Canada is booming, which means new jobs are being created every single day. With so many people entering this sector,it’s more important than ever to recognize the common risks that can exist on job sites. It may shock you that the construction industry has the highest number of workplace injuries a year when compared to other sectors – in 2016 alone, there were 4,595 lost time claims! (Click to Read More...)

Jonathan McCallumHow Does VOC Detection Work? Ion Science Edition

Let’s face it. Operating gas detection instruments and understanding how they work can be confusing. Multiple technologies can be used depending on the gas being targeted, the environment being measured, and the amount of information required.  For Volatile Organic Compound detection (or VOC), a photo-ionization detector (or PID) is often the instrument of choice. (Click to Read More...)

Michael DouglasLone Workers: Who Are They, and How Do We Protect Them?

Any time a person is “alone” at work and they cannot be seen or heard by another person, they are considered a lone worker.

Working alone includes any and all employees who may go for a period of time where they don’t have direct contact with any coworkers. (Click to Read More...)

Michael DouglasOHSA Has Tripled Corporate Fines: Are You Prepared?

In the most far-reaching changes made to the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) in over 15 years, the government has moved to, amongst other matters, triple corporate OHS penalties and quadruple individual OHS penalties, effective December 15, 2017. (Click to Read More...)

Maureen McGillisPut Some Ho-Ho-Ho Into Your Holiday Safety

Ahhhh, the holidays. Lit fireplaces, trees and houses glowing with lights and candles burning all signal the most magical time of year. And while our festive decorations capture the spirit of the season, they also pose a real hazard to you and your loved ones: fire. (Click to Read More...)

Marisa OfferCold Stress: It's Snow Laughing Matter

As beautiful and serene as this scene appears, certain cold weather factors like dropping temperatures and wind chills can make this picture seem, well, downright chilling.

Did you know that when the wind chill makes the temperature feel like -28°C or colder, that exposed skin can freeze in under 30 minutes? (Click to Read More...)

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