Vehicle Fire Suppression

VFSS Maintenance/Care Guidelines

Ansul A101 Vehicle Maintenance

Ansul A-101 Fire Suppression Systems are pre-engineered, fixed nozzle systems designed for the protection of off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles or other industrial-type applications. They provide a high degree of protection against hazards that are normally inaccessible by other fire protection equipment, such as hand portable fire extinguishers.

Kidde and Amerex Vehicle Maintenance

Kidde and Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems are pre-engineered systems for work and passenger vehicles. They are widely used to protect both on and off-road trucks, heavy construction and mining equipment, as well as buses and garbage trucks. The systems are designed and installed to suppress a fire before it can reach the operator or passenger areas, quickly and efficiently.

Maintaining the best quality output from these systems requires regular inspection by factory certified technicians and keeping up to date with the frequency of maintenance needed.

Daily (Customer)

Vehicle operator is to check the system daily by verifying that the GREEN LED light is flashing and no other LED are illuminated. There should be no audible alarm sounding. Check gauge on Kidde and Amerex systems.

Monthly (Customer)

Visually inspect every 250 operating hours or monthly following approved schedule necessitated by conditions using operating manual.

Semi-Annual / 1000 Operating Hours

As per NFPA 17 and the Ansul A101/Kidde KVS and Amerex VSS Manuals, carry out maintenance procedure of the dry chemical system every six months or 1000 operating hours, whichever comes first.


Replace control module battery and date new battery.

Every Five Years

Replace squib every five years as per operating manual. Hydrostatic test cartridges as required (cartridges marked with [*] require hydrostatic test every 10 years).

Every Six Years (Kidde and Amerex Vehicle Suppression Systems)

As per NFPA 17, perform a six year internal inspection of the agent and cylinder.

Every Twelve Years

Conduct hydrostatic testing of agent cylinders as required (NFPA 17).

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