You depend on heavy machinery to finish your job on time if you work in mining, forestry, waste management, agriculture, container handling or transportation.

Heavy equipment faces daily challenges that causes engines to run at high temperatures:

  • rugged environments
  • extreme weather, and
  • long run times.

Add trash, wood or a leak of a flammable liquid like oil, fuel and hydraulic fluid to the mix, and your machines can experience devastating outcomes.

Damage caused by fires can interrupt production, cause unplanned downtime and lead to costly repairs. Without a proper solution, you’re putting the machinery, the environment and your team at risk.

The best way to stop a fire before it causes significant damage is by installing a vehicle fire suppression system (VFSS). But having a proper system in place is only the beginning.

Not sure where to start?

Here are our top five tips on what to look for in your VFSS provider:

1. A company filled with safety experts

First, it’s essential to work with knowledgeable safety experts who are going to make sure that you’re meeting your:

  • local legislative requirements
  • insurance obligations, and
  • company policies.

Our team at Levitt-Safety will ensure that your equipment is always up to date and up to code to keep you compliant and working without interruption.

Read the post Meet our vehicle fire suppression system team to learn more about the people across Canada who work to keep those fire extinguishing systems operating properly.

2. A company that specializes in fire protection

Your VFSS provider should properly install and maintain your system to manufacturer specifications — whether it’s installing a new system or service work to existing equipment.

At Levitt-Safety, we have over 50 years in the vehicle fire suppression business.

We understand the importance of a properly-functioning system and our team of experts is dedicated to seeing that you’re assets, environment and operators are protected.

3. A company that represents reputable brands

When it comes to vehicle fire suppression, there’s actually a lot that depends on a reputable brand name.

We’re backed by brands like Ansul, Dafo, Amerex and Fogmaker which allow us to provide reliable systems that are going to do their job when they’re supposed to.

With big brands, comes competitive pricing and the assurance that projects will be completed on time and on budget.

4. A company that will take your project from start to finish (and beyond)

Having a proper system in place is only the beginning; once a new system has been installed, it’s important that your provider continues to support your fleet through regular servicing and maintenance.

This support is especially important when it comes to unplanned interruptions like false discharges.

At Levitt-Safety, we not only schedule and perform your routine maintenance, but we supply you with the tools you need to monitor your equipment’s systems.

Our Proforma software provides monthly reports on the performance of every vehicle’s fire suppression system.

Proforma delivers the information that your business needs to succeed and helps improve your bottom line.

5. A company that offers national support

What good is having a provider to install and maintain your equipment if they can’t access your remote locations?

Reduce downtime by having your provider service your equipment immediately after a discharge.

Hint: Levitt-Safety has 18 locations across Canada and offers service nationwide.

Levitt-Safety branches across Canada

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