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Safety Products, Services and Training for Healthcare Services

Healthcare is Canada’s largest service industry. Its ever-evolving landscape is made up of a number of different sectors that provide medical services, manufacture medical equipment and drugs, provide medical insurance or otherwise facilitate the provision of healthcare to patients.

Healthcare workers face a wide range of hazards on the job including exposure to hazardous chemicals and drugs, physical violence and more.

Levitt-Safety supports the healthcare industry by providing equipment, services and training to address common safety concerns in healthcare settings. We also safeguard facilities with fire, safety and environmental solutions.

Common Hazards in the Healthcare Industry:

Healthcare workers face many hazards on the job including exposure to hazardous chemicals and drugs, and physical violence.

Employers must evaluate the potential an employee has for exposure to these hazards. Employers must ensure they’ve put an effective control plan in place.

Nurses confront potential hazards like exposure to infectious diseases and toxic substances, back injuries, radiation exposure and work-related stress.

Porters may be exposed to cleaners and disinfectants, infectious diseases, heavy lifting and sharp objects.

Maintenance workers may confront electrical, working at heights, asbestos, solvent and confined space hazards.

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Maintenance cleaning supplies showing a yellow was bucket and mop

Safety Equipment for Healthcare Settings

We offer numerous products that offer solutions to the hazards found in the healthcare industry.

 You can find the best respiratory protection, personal protective equipment, hazardous material storage and environmental monitoring solutions to keep workers safe. 

We’ve partnered with leading vendors like 3M,  Sibata, AccuFit, and NDD to bring the most innovative and cost-effective solutions to your health and safety program.

  • Infection control
  • Hazardous gas monitoring
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Noise control
  • Patient care for chemical burns
  • Respiratory protection

Equipment Services for the Healthcare Industry

Our dedicated team of service technicians will work to ensure that your equipment is ready when it’s needed. 

Levitt-Safety offers the following services in hospitals and healthcare settings:

Safety Training for Healthcare Settings

Training can be provided on all products and services we support including respirator fit testing, indoor air quality and environmental monitoring equipment fire extinguisher use and confined space entry.

Examples of safety training services we offer:

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