Construction is one of Canada’s largest industries, employing over 1.2 million Canadians. It’s also a high-hazard industry made up of a number of activities, ranging from residential construction and bridge erection to roadway paving, demolitions and even large-scale painting jobs.

Common Hazards in the Construction Industry:

Construction workers take part in jobs that expose them to a number of serious hazards, including falls from working at heights, unguarded machinery and tools, being struck by heavy equipment, electrocution and respiratory dangers like asbestos and crystalline silica. Here are some of the leading hazards in the construction industry:

Working at heights

  • Over 18 per cent of work-loss injuries are due to falls; this accounts for over 45,000 of the reported workplace injuries in Canada in 2016 alone.
  • Seven per cent of workplace deaths are due to falls.

Dropped objects

  • 27,000 dropped object (hammers, screw drivers, fasteners, etc.) incidents happen each year in Canada and more than 30 of these cases result in fatalities.


  • One of the most common injuries on construction sites is the cuts and scrapes that are experienced on the job every day.
  • The majority of these cut or puncture injuries occur to the hands. 70 per cent of the individuals who reported injuries were not wearing any type of gloves.


  • Silica and other particulates such as saw dust can cause serious injuries to the lungs. Construction workers can also be exposed to serious ailments from being exposed to asbestos with demolition work.

Product Offerings

We offer fall protection, signage and personal protective equipment including gloves, safety eyeglasses, face shields, hardhats and more to help keep construction workers safe. We’ve partnered with leading vendors including 3M, Honeywell and Superior Glove to bring the most innovative and cost-effective solutions to construction sites across Canada.

Service Offerings

Levitt-Safety provides a number of services to ensure that the equipment you’re working with is compliant and safe to use. These services include:

Available Training

Our knowledgeable training team can provide construction workplaces with on-site safety courses and training on the following subjects:

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