Complimentary Glove Review

Talk to a safety specialist

What is a glove review?

A glove review involves an onsite examination of your hazards and PPE. We’ll bring a skilled glove expert to your facility to look at your hand protection program, identify workplace hazards, and highlight any areas of improvement. We’ll help you navigate obstacles and discover opportunities to meet your hand protection goals, including product recommendations specific to your facility and your workers’ job applications.

The best part? There is no cost!

When did you last review your hand safety program?

When it comes to your PPE spend, you may not realize that hand protection is costing you a lot more than you think. Take a moment to consider how many glove styles you currently have in use at your facility. Now think about how long those gloves actually last, and how often they’re being replaced or swapped out. Is the number higher than you thought? For most people, the answer is yes.

The most common issues for hand protection programs:

  • Too many styles
  • Replacing gloves too often
  • Hand injuries still happening
  • Compliance is a struggle

What our most efficient customers are doing:

  • Consolidating their PPE
  • Optimizing number of glove styles per facility
  • Improving on quality and reduce quantity
  • Training and educating staff and managers
  • Performing regular glove reviews

How do glove reviews help?

  1. Reduce SKUs and transaction costs
  2. Reduce overall glove spend
  3. Increase worker participation
  4. Identification of additional hazards
  5. Match protection levels with hazards
  6. Optimize product lifecycles
  7. Reduction of glove waste
  8. Provide options for reuse and recycling

Hand Protection represents a consequential category of your overall PPE program – from both a dollar investment and risk mitigation perspective. Statistically, finger/hand/wrist injuries account for roughly 40% of recordable industry incidents, while glove purchases account for upwards of 30% of your PPE spend.

And even though so many organizations invest a substantial amount of money into hand protection programs each year, statistics still show that 70% of hand injuries occur when workers are not wearing gloves. The reason workers forgo gloves range from issues with comfort and feel to their gloves not matching the hazards. With workplaces trending towards increased automation, tighter deadlines, and multi-function job roles, your hand protection program becomes outdated at an increasing pace.

You need a hand protection program that recognizes these factors and evolves along with your workplace.

Let us guide you through the process with our complimentary glove review. Contact us today to book yours.