Why Levitt-Safety?

Levitt-Safety is an equal opportunity employer who gives our employees the opportunity to be part of a team that makes a difference in the marketplace while protecting our customers’ most valuable assets. We work hard to provide a challenging and inspiring work environment where input and ideas are encouraged and truly valued. Levitt-Safety offers an unmatched experience in which you enjoy working alongside unique individuals as true colleagues while working towards our common goal of making Canada a safer place to live and work.

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Our Company Values

Levitt-Safety is a company backed by a history of excellence. We have earned and are able to maintain this reputation because our company is built on the shared belief that success is the result of having satisfied customers, as well as employees.

These beliefs are reflected in our company values:

  • Respect for People
  • Outstanding Service
  • Continual Improvement
  • Safety Matters

Our People

Levitt-Safety’s people are the backbone of our company. We take pride in our employees whose knowledge and ideas contribute to our thriving, diverse working environment. Our people make up a national team of experienced, dedicated individuals who make Levitt-Safety a successful company and a great place to work.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

At Levitt-Safety we are committed to the support of life-long learning. We encourage employees to develop their work and life skills in order to achieve personal as well as career goals. This is achieved through such things as cross-training, leadership training, one on one coaching as well as opportunities for additional relevant knowledge and training.

Rewards and Benefits

We offer competitive benefits and compensation packages for our employees which includes opportunities to share in their contributions to the company’s successes through profit sharing.

We believe that people should be recognized and rewarded for hard work, dedication and excellent performance. Levitt-Safety has in place several programs to acknowledge employees for their superior efforts and accomplishments within the company as well as the community.

Current Opportunities and Applying

Please click here to use our new partner site, Fitzii, to see currently available opportunities and apply!

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