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Meet Our Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems Team

Derek McEwenMarket Segment Manager, Fire Systems and Mining TechnologyFebruary 13, 2024

Levitt-Safety prides itself on being an industry leader and expert in Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems (VFSS). Located strategically across Canada, Levitt-Safety serves industries that include mining, agriculture, forestry, shipping and container handling, transportation, and more with an extremely experienced, trained, agile, and dedicated team. In all these sectors, large mobile equipment is prone to fires due to various reasons, often from running 24/7 non-stop or even when being maintained with hot works or other heat exposures. The mobile equipment has a variety of flammable hazards including lubricating oils, diesel fuels, greases, hydraulic fluids, and electrical components. This equipment generates considerable amounts of heat from engine blocks, manifolds, turbochargers, electrical components, and brake systems when in operation. All this can create a high-risk hazard situation and in the event of an unchecked fire, the results can be devastating.

Operator safety is very critical in designing vehicle fire suppression systems, along with mitigating the potential for expensive repair or replacement of valuable assets. There are many different types of vehicle systems available, ranging from simple manually operated to extremely complex and incorporating data-logging, infra red detector, and thermal detection features.

Thanks to our VFSS team, you can be assured that your mobile equipment is in a fully functional state while meeting all applicable codes and standards. Our VFSS team carries out our services in conformance with standards set out by the manufacturers of the system, Factory Mutual(FM), Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC), National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), manufacturer training, manufacturer manuals and provincial fire codes. 

Meet Michael Levesque: Business Development Manager

We’d like to introduce you to Michael Levesque, who’s part of our VFSS Team. Based in Eastern Canada, Michael spent two years as a VFSS Technician working on various Surface and Underground operations/sites: expanding his knowledge in installation, repairs, and service leading to a Service Supervisor position for our Levitt-Safety Sudbury operation.

As a Supervisor, Michael spent one year leading an exceptional service department. His focus on customer relations, coaching and further developing his team opened new avenues for growth, setting a solid foundation for the next steps in his career. Michael’s journey with Levitt-Safety grew and he spent time in leadership roles, and as a Branch Manager. With honesty, urgency, and trust as guiding principles, he and his team always emphasize partnerships with our people and customers.

In just one year, Michael and his team successfully attained their MVP goals, they transformed the workplace into a vibrant and positive environment that significantly improved employee technician retention. This accomplishment demonstrates the efforts, support, and dedication of Michael's team, without them this achievement would not have been possible. 

Michael believes his approach is simple when it comes to customers. His philosophy revolves around honesty, offering solutions instead of excuses and understanding the level of urgency. Remember to always be an agile and versatile resource for customers. Assure your team and customers that you are someone they can count on and rely upon for support.

In May 2023, Michael took on the Eastern VFSS Business Development Manager position. With his stellar background in service, he was ready to bring his expertise to the sales side of the business. His goals for this career journey included fostering loyalty, finding solutions, building trust, imparting knowledge to customers and internal operations, growing service offerings, and always doing the right thing.

We are very grateful to have Michael on our VFSS team as his knowledge, theory, and hands-on experience directly benefits our customers. It is through hard work, dedication, and going the extra mile, that Michael's career progression demonstrates that the path to success has no limitations.

Michael and the Canada-wide VFSS team work closely with our manufacturers and supplier partners, offering strong solutions including:

  • Fogmaker Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems: Fogmaker International has manufactured VFSS that use water mist to cool engine compartments of machinery and commercial transportation to address engine compartment fires.

Explore how Levitt-Safety's VFSS team, including Michael Levesque, can enhance safety in your industry. Contact Us for personalized quotes, information on suitable systems, and to discover how we can support your VFSS goals across Canada this year.

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