Today is Earth Day, and while it’s only a one-day event, you can take action from this post to improve your company’s environmental stewardship every day.

More and more manufacturers are recognizing the value of investing in sustainable technology. While the industrial safety space has been slower to introduce these changes, they are starting to make headway.

This post highlights some of the newest products and services on the market that focus on environmental sustainability.

At a glance:

Biodegradable earplugs

We recently introduced the world’s first biodegradable earplugs to Canada. They were invented by Mr. Howard Leight, a pioneer in hearing protection. Learn about all his accomplishments here.

These earplugs bring together exceptional hearing protection and environmental sustainability.

Environmental credits:

  • Made from 82% USDA-certified plant materials.
  • A lower carbon footprint than traditional polyurethane earplugs.
  • Begins to break down in under a year in a landfill.
  • Everything is plant-based – the earplug, the cord, the stem and even the bag.

Hearing protection feats:

  • Two styles to choose from
  • Independently tested for NRR 32 / SNR 38
  • Soft, smooth and low-pressure design for added comfort
  • Available in corded and uncorded versions

Learn more about biodegradable earplugs

Biodegradable hand and surface wipes

Earlier this year, the staff at one of our biggest clients asked for a biodegradable wipe.

They use about 100,000 All Clean® hand and surface wipes every month and they were concerned about the amount going into local landfills.

The client had inquired about biodegradable Lysol wipes, but there were three problems with those wipes.

  1. They were more expensive.
  2. They were smaller and would need more wipes to do the same job.
  3. They took business away from a Canadian company.

product image of All Clean Biodegradable Sanitizing Wipes

We brought the proposal to All Clean, who love a challenge. Their team revised the product and created a new wipe that was 100% biodegradable.

The new wipe breaks down in landfills in just 60 days.

Our customer loved it, their facilities stayed clean, their staff felt better and now all our customers have access to 100% biodegradable wipes.

The impact that one small request can have is incredible!

Learn more about the wipes

Biodegradable hand protection

Choosing environmentally sustainable products isn’t just about what’s in the product, it’s also about where the good is made. Superior Glove is one of our favourite hand and arm protection manufacturers because so many of its products are made in Canada.

With manufacturing plants in Ontario and Newfoundland, Superior Glove reduces the number of kilometres that their gloves and sleeves must travel for delivery.

Superior Glove is also at the forefront of product innovation.

A few years ago, they reformulated the palm coating in their bestselling glove, the Dexterity® S15NT, to create a 100% biodegradable glove.

Dexterity S15NT biodegradable nitrile gloveAbout the Dexterity® S15NT:

  • ANSI Level 4 abrasion resistance and ANSI Level 2 puncture resistance
  • Tough nitrile dipped palm coating forms to fit the user’s hand for a comfortable fit
  • 100% cotton seamless knit shell provides outstanding comfort and dexterity

The glove is popular in automotive, construction, material handling and general labour jobs.

Learn more about these biodegradable gloves

Change how you manage waste

Because of COVID-19, Canadians have used more plastic PPE, such as disposable gloves, face shields and masks.

Fortunately, enterprising companies like LifeCycle Revive and TerraCycle have devised ways to turn old PPE into recycled materials.

For instance, here’s what TerraCycle can create with would-be waste:

MaterialRecycled Format
Polypropylene face masksPlastic lumber and composite decking applications
MetalsMetal sheeting
Elastane/rubber bandMixed with recycled plastics as an additive to give products flexibility
Disposable glovesFlooring tiles, playground surface covers and athletic fields

Learn more about TerraCycle

LifeCycle Revive works primarily with healthcare facilities to turn old PPE into blue pellets called LifeCycle Resin™. The pellets are made from 80% recycled waste and can be turned into household items and healthcare supplies.

blue pellets from recycled products by lifecycle revive You recycle stuff like:

  • Face masks
  • Head coverings
  • Shoe coverings
  • Clean medical gowns
  • Clean sterile wrap
  • Plastic bottles
  • All polypropylene and polyethylene non-woven fabrics

And LifeCycle Revive produces products like:

  • Recycling bins
  • Garbage cans
  • Storage bins
  • Bedpans
  • Patient kits
  • Trays

Learn more about LifeCycle Revive

How we practice environmental stewardship

At Levitt-Safety, we take our part in protecting the environment seriously. It’s not just about meeting legal requirements, it’s about being an environmentally responsible neighbour in the communities we serve.

This includes initiatives like:

  • Strategically consolidating shipments to reduce energy consumption.
  • Partnering with companies that have solutions to use less packaging material.
  • Working with manufacturers that pursue environmentally sustainable innovations and initiatives.
  • Using preventative maintenance to maximize equipment lifecycle and limit atmospheric and other pollutants.
  • Creating a culture within our business to encourage individual initiatives to improve our environmental performance across the country.

How does your company practice environmental sustainability? Let us know in the comments!

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