line up of wes3 wireless fire alarm system unitsSprinklers and firewalls are non-existent in new builds and sprinklers are disconnected in many renovation projects. By alerting workers to smoke or fire, your team has more time to evacuate and prevents tragedies.

You can set the devices up in any order and move them throughout the building as you complete areas and start new areas.

If a base station goes down, the system will continue to communicate with every other device. There is no single point of failure with WES.

This is how easy it is to set up WES3

How WES3 works:

WES3 uses radio technology to communicate throughout a building. Units are battery operated and fully customizable, so you can add or remove units as needed.

The WES3 wireless evacuation system includes:

  • Base Station: The brains behind the whole system. Provides reports and functionality including interaction with option WES REACT cloud-based software.
  • WES Connect: Allows offsite communication by either text message or through the REACT app platform.
  • Strobe and Sounder Call Point: Incorporates fire alarm sounder, strobe alert and medical alert alarm.
  • Heat Detector & Smoke Detector: These units are silent and connect directly to the WES system to activate the fire alarm system site-wide in the event of fire.
  • Interface: Lets you connect your network to other systems like access control. An external system can trigger WES system or WES triggers an action from an auto dialler or another external system.
  • Link Unit: Extends the range of your WES system on large, dense or complicated construction sites.

How WES3 improves construction site safety:

WES3 is the 2019 New Product of the Year winner for emergency evacuation systems.

Construction sites rely on antiquated technologies to pass messages along to workers. Sounding an air horn is a common practice to relay emergency evacuation messages. But, noisy environments drown out air horn messages.

WES3 call points include strobe and sound alarms to provide visual and auditory warning signals. This improves safety in noisy, hectic environments.

The upcoming edition of the National Building Code, which is expected to publish at the end of 2020 — will allow 12-storey wood-constructed buildings. This is twice the height of the current limit.

Alberta is expected to align with the federal code.

Canadian fire chiefs are concerned about the changes and the impact of safety on firefighters.

WES3 can be part of an early detection system to get emergency response to the scene sooner. This is done with smoke and heat detectors. It can tie in with auto-diallers for faster responses.

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Trespassers can start fires in cold months to keep warm. This means unprotected construction sites are vulnerable to intentional or unintentional arson.

You’ll protect your staff, project and wider community from tragic and costly outcomes by adding WES3 to your site.

Improve evacuation and medical alert responses:

It’s possible to use WES3 as soon as your project is out of the ground. Within a few minutes of setting up, your units are on the network and ready for distribution.

We recommend placing the units within the building according to your fire plan. Generally, this means placing a unit at each stairwell or lift shaft.

You can also number the units according to your fire plan. In the event of a medical emergency or fire alarm, you’re able to identify where the event is taking place. This improves how quickly first responders can locate the person in distress or find and control fire.

image of construction site depicting deployment of WES3 systems and how they communicate

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FAQs about WES3

Here are answers to the typical questions we receive about WES3.

What is the typical battery life?

WES3 has a three-year battery life in normal working conditions and there is no need for an external power supply of any kind. The units will also notify you when they are running low on battery power.

Does WES3 work outside and in the winter?

These devices are robust and ready to take on a Canadian winter. They’re built for outdoor jobs and tested to -25°C. For peace of mind, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Is it radio frequency approved?

Yes, Canada and the US approve the radio frequency that WES3 uses.

Is it susceptible to radio interference?

No, to eliminate the risk of radio interference, WES3 has a mesh network design. It needs a repeated signal from another WES unit to activate an emergency alarm.

Do I rent or buy the WES3 system?

Levitt-Safety offers both options. We can also make recommendations for your best option based on the size and scale of your project.

What code does it meet for compliance?

  • NFPA 241
  • NFPA 5000, and
  • OSHA.

What are the connectivity options?

Your personal phone can connect to nearly anything. Coming in early 2020 we’ll support the REACT app. This app provides real-time information about site emergencies and sends customized alerts to relevant site staff.

Is WES3 only suitable for construction?

WES3 was developed and engineered with major construction companies in mind. The technology isn’t only limited to construction projects, it’s also useful for:

  • New construction and renovation projects
  • Oil and gas turnaround and new projects
  • Ship building
  • Dry docks
  • Manufacturing and large warehousing
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