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Prioritize Respiratory Services for Your Long-Term Care Facility

Jonathan McCallum Market Segment Manager: Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene & Environmental MonitoringDecember 13, 2023

As our respiratory protection expertise evolves, so does our capacity to swiftly prioritize preventive measures. The heightened focus on respiratory safety, backed by ongoing training and support, is now crucial in long-term care facilities. Establishing protocols to protect residents has become imperative. With 85 years in safety services, Levitt-Safety is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for both public and private long-term care homes. This blog will reveal more information about our fit testing services.

Fit Testing Services:

Properly fitted respirators are vital for the safety of healthcare workers. We offer comprehensive fit testing services to ensure that respiratory protection equipment fits correctly. These services include:

1. On-Site Fit Testing Services

Do you offer on-site fit testing services for long-term care facilities?

Yes, Levitt-Safety specializes in on-site fit testing services for long-term care facilities. Our team can bring fit testing expertise directly to your facility, making the process convenient and simple.

Can you explain the advantages of using your fit testing services? 

With 25+ years in fit testing, we ensure high results by implementing techniques, adhering to CSA Z94-4 guidelines and other regulations. We provide faster appointments and minimal disruption to work schedules. Our track record of success instills confidence in employers and employees, ensuring the safety of workers relying on respirators. Book a Fit Test here.

2. Fit Testing Equipment Rental: 

For long-term care facilities opting for in-house fit testing, we offer equipment rental options. This allows long-term care homes to regularly assess and maintain the effectiveness of respiratory protection equipment. Fit testing equipment is available for rent including:

•    AccuFit 9000™ Fit Testing Machine

•    Sibata MT-05C Fit Tester

The rental duration options are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Additionally, Isopropyl Alcohol and Probe & Push Nut Refill Kit are available to buy upon request. Please note all sampling adapters available for rent come with a flat fee based on the rental duration.

What is the cost associated with renting fit testing equipment?

The cost of renting fit testing equipment varies depending on the specific equipment and the rental duration. For accurate and up-to-date pricing, you should contact us directly.

Are there any training or certification requirements for using rented fit testing equipment?

Fit testers must meet the criteria of a competent person by possessing the necessary knowledge, training, and experience to perform the work. Our training programs significantly enhance organizations' competence levels in renting Fit Testers. Although formal certification requirements do not exist, Fit Testers must undergo training and demonstrate proficiency, adhering to CSA Z94.4 standards. This involves ensuring proficiency in fit test methods and confirming the user’s ability to achieve an effective and proper fit for a tight-fitting respirator.

3. Fit Testing Instrumentation Purchase:

For those looking to make a long-term investment, Levitt-Safety offers fit testing instrumentation for purchase. Owning this equipment allows for flexibility in conducting fit tests as needed.

Can you provide details about the fit testing instrumentation available for purchase?

We offer a wide variety of fit testing instrumentation from various reputable brands to ensure the safety of you and your employees. Some of the brands we carry include 3M, Accutec, CleanSpace, EasyOne®, Honeywell, Honeywell Safety, Levitt-Safety, Moldex®, MSA, NLT Inc., North® by Honeywell, Pleats Plus, and Versaflo™. View the Fast Track Catalogue to purchase.

Are there options for financing fit testing instrumentation?

We offer a lease-to-own option for fit testing instrumentation, providing several advantages. This option allows customers to spread the cost over monthly payments, eliminating the need for an initial cash outlay.  Contact us for more information. 

What kind of technical support and training do you offer?

We provide technical support and training for all purchased respirator fit testers. With the purchase of each instrument, we offer a complimentary training session. This training is typically conducted virtually, allowing us to assist customers in setting up the equipment and software seamlessly. Furthermore, we have in-house calibration services and shops for fit testers.

Fit Testing Training:

At Levitt-Safety we go beyond providing products and services by offering training and education to empower long-term care facilities and their staff. Our training on fit testing equipment and instrumentation ensures that staff can confidently conduct and interpret fit tests. Join our Instructor-Led Training Programs and enroll in our Open Enrollment Training Calendar Registration is now open, sign up!

What does the Fit Testing Equipment & Instrumentation Training cover?

The training covers areas including equipment use, maintenance, fit testing techniques, troubleshooting, and relevant CSA standards for fit testing in Canada. It aims to equip participants with skills aligned with industry best practices and foundational knowledge outlined in the CSA Z94.4-18 standard. 

Is the training offered in-person, virtually, or through a combination of both?

The training is available in all formats, including in-person and virtual sessions.

Are there any certifications provided upon completion of the training program?

participants will be issued a "Certificate of Attendance" as proof of completion of the program.

Enhance the safety of your long-term care facility with our specialized respiratory safety solutions. Our extensive fit-testing services and tailored training programs cater to the specific needs of your long-term care facility. Levitt-Safety strives to foster a safer and healthier environment for everyone.

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