How to Monitor Silica & Dust Exposure

Talk to a safety specialist

Watch the on-demand version of our webinar explaining silica and dust exposure monitoring with Sensidyne.


  • Aaron Apostolica, Certified Industrial Hygienist Product Line Manager — Health & Safety Products

About the webinar:

During this webinar, Aaron explains the advancements in silica and dust monitoring technology.

Aaron also explores the background of the Crystalline Silica Rule and the exposure monitoring methods used to address common applications of the standard. 

The webinar also covers advancements in a wide variety of techniques, sampling and calibration equipment, and size-selective (cyclone and impactor) technologies.

Webinar highlights:

  • Why silica is a problem.
  • What is Crystalline Silica Rules.
  • The industries that are impacted.
  • Sampling strategies.
  • Common issues customers experience.
  • How Sensidyne equipment and accessories address common problems and concerns.