How New Technology Can Improve Workplace Safety

Talk to a safety specialist

Watch the on-demand version of our webinar exploring how technology can improve workplace safety.


  • Michael Douglas, National Manager, Market Segments
  • Tony Guarino, Market Segment Manager - Confined Space
  • Leslie Molin, Market Segment Manager - Personal Safety
  • Chuks Ezeokafor, Director of IT

About the webinar:

This is the webinar you don't want to miss. Do you understand how your work is going to change with technology? Do you know what new tech and enhancements are coming your way?

Join our panel of experts from different segments as we answer YOUR questions and discuss the future of IoT (or "The Internet of Things") and what it means for workplace health and safety.

Webinar highlights:

  • What IoT really is (in terms that make sense and are relevant to your work).
  • How new technology can empower workers.
  • The impact of IoT on productivity and the bottom line.