A Complete Explanation of Fall Protection [Series]

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Watch the on-demand version of our fall protection series with Honeywell.


  • Jennifer Abraham, Training Manager, Honeywell Canada

About the webinar:

During this webinar series, Jennifer covers critical topics on fall protection over eight webinars and takes audience questions during a final Q&A webinar.

The complete explanation of fall protection includes: 

  1. Competency and due diligence
  2. Fall protection basics
  3. Hazard assessment and planning
  4. ABCs of fall protection -- anchors and body wear
  5. ABCs of fall protection -- connecting components
  6. Dynamics of falling clearance
  7. Fall protection systems
  8. Rescue, planning and inspection, maintenance and care
  9. Ask the experts: Fall protection Q&A

Part 1: Competency and Due Diligence

Fall protection basics

Part 2: The Basics
of Fall Protection

hazard assessment and planning

Part 3: Hazard Assessment and Planning

The ABCs of fall protection: Anchors and body wear

Part 4: ABCs -- Anchors & Body Wear

The ABCs of fall protection: Connecting components

Part 5: ABCs -- Connecting Components

Dynamics of falling clearance

Part 6: Dynamics of Falling Clearance

fall protection systems

Part 7: Systems of Fall Protection

Rescue and planning

Part 8: Rescue, Planning, and Inspection

Ask the expers fall protection Q&A

Part 9: Ask the Experts Fall Protection Q&A