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The Mining Industry in Canada

Canada is home to a thriving mining industry sector that continues to grow and prosper year after year. 

And, with our large and diverse surface and underground mining sectors, we’re continually faced with unique safety hazards and new challenges. 

Each sector of mining in Canada is home to many types of hazards – chemical, ergonomic, physical and psychosocial, to name a few. 

Regular inspection, risk assessment and identification are key to keeping your workplace healthy and safe.

Common Hazards in the Mining Industry

Fire and explosions

  • The practices and equipment used to mine almost any ore create or expose workers to many fire hazards.
  • Without proper protective devices, systems or plans in place, massive losses to people, assets or infrastructure and environmental damages can add up quickly.
  • From early warning and automatic detection to suppression systems and manual firefighting equipment, taking the right steps to be prepared is crucial.

Working at heights and in confined spaces

  • Mines and process plants require equipment and infrastructure for extreme working conditions.
  • The mining industry commonly includes elements of working at heights with scaffolding or on temporary or permanent work platforms.
  • Having the right solutions to first mitigate risks is paramount.

Environmental monitoring

  • Mining exposes workers to many different hazards that are naturally occurring but get disturbed during excavating practices.
  • Huge risks to workers can be as simple as the small particles of dust that are spread through the air from blasting, crushing and vehicle movement which can cause long-term effects like silicosis.
  • Ensuring sufficient levels of oxygen and no poisonous gases are present is essential.

Chemical and acids exposures

  • Different types of aggressive chemicals are used to separate valuable minerals from the surrounding ore.
  • There can be serious consequences if a person’s skin or eye tissue is exposed to these chemicals.
    • Chemical burns: Dipotherine® solution is a decontamination solution specifically designed to prevent chemical burn injuries and subsequent lost-time days.
    • Chemical spills: Trivorex® absorbent is the best option for managing chemical spills on surfaces.
    • Non-corrosive spills: Polycaptor® is a versatile absorbent for non-corrosive spills and leaks.
    • Chemical spills on equipment: LeVert is designed to decontaminate vertical surfaces such as equipment, hydraulic hoses, hard-to-access areas, chemical suits, and PPE. LeVert declassifies chemical hazards which helps to make clean-up safer and easier.

Occupational disease arising from noise

  • Noise dosimeters are specialized sound level meters designed to be worn during work to determine the personal level of noise exposure over a period of time.
  • By identifying noise levels, safety managers can reduce the chance of a worker experiencing a noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).
  • Safety managers also need to consider their schedules for machine maintenance as this is essential to noise reduction.
  • Your company policy should include proper training and smart hearing protection which uses Bluetooth or radio frequencies to enable workers to communicate without removing their hearing protection.

Mining vehicles

Safety Equipment for the Mining Industry

With Levitt-Safety, you can find the best equipment to keep your operation moving and your staff safe. 

We specialize in the following safety equipment for the mining industry:

  • vehicle fire suppression systems
  • fire extinguishers
  • alarm and sprinkler systems
  • clean agent and engineered special-hazard protection
  • foam, liquid and deluge systems
  • working platforms
  • confined space and fall protection, and 
  • gas/environmental monitoring solutions.

We’ve partnered with leading vendors like Ansul, Kidde, Stat-X, Magnum, LOBO, VRS, 3M, MSA, Honeywell, Accufitt, Sibata and Gastec to bring the most innovative and cost-effective solutions to Canadian mining.

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Equipment Services for the Mining Industry

Levitt-Safety is positioned uniquely to service almost everything we sell from our local branches. 

By having service branches strategically located across the country, we minimize turnaround and downtime of equipment.

 Levitt-Safety has technicians that are able to come to your site and provide certifications and inspections of your safety and fire protective gear without ever taking your equipment off-site. 

Other more sensitive equipment may have to be shipped into one of our branches for calibrations but be assured that almost all of our servicing can be done within Canada. These services include:

Safety Training for the Mining Industry

Levitt-Safety can also provide on-site safety training. 

We can deliver industry standard programs or custom solutions including train the trainer course where available, including:

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