The Ultimate Guide to Fire Services

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Discover the latest gear, gadgets and equipment services to keep your team safe with the Ultimate Guide to Fire Services.


About the guide:

More than 150,000 local firefighters and thousands of industrial and wildland firefighters put their lives in danger every day in Canada to protect people, businesses and communities.

This guide highlights the products and services available for firefighters in community, industrial or wildland fire departments.

The goal of this guide is to reduce worker injuries and fatalities. Education is one of the main ways to achieve this goal.

Guide highlights:

  • Common hazards in fire services.
  • The key areas of an efficient fire station.
  • Fire systems and suppression equipment.
  • Personal safety equipment. 
  • Rescue devices.
  • Gas detection and chemical analyzers.
  • Health and safety instruments.
  • Critical services for firefighters.