The Beginners’ Guide to Chemical Safety

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The Beginners' Guide to Chemical Safety will give you a thorough overview of what you need to know in order to work safely and successfully with hazardous chemical products.


About the guide:

The chemical industry is unlike any other in Canada, which also extends to its hazards and risks.

 Chemical splash incidents are rare but often traumatic, life-altering events. To put this into perspective, chemical injuries to the skin or eyes only represent a fraction of all recordable injuries, but they are responsible for approximately 30 percent of all burn-related deaths.

This guide will walk you through critical concepts so you can better understand the risks associated with working with chemicals.

Guide highlights:

  • How to properly identify chemical products.    
  • Which detection tools you should use in your unique environment.    
  • The best type of respiratory protection, PPE and protective clothing to wear for your job.    
  • How to safely store chemical products.
  • Proper first aid procedures to follow if you are exposed to chemicals.