Chemical Spill Management Solutions

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Levitt-Safety was able to provide a better and more cost-effective solution for chemical spill control.


Horizon Health Network Case Study

Managing chemical spills quickly, safely, and effectively is important when it comes to workplace safety. Chemical spills can result in contaminant exposures that put people at risk.

About the Case Study:

New Brunswick's largest regional health authority, Horizon Health Network, contacted Levitt-Safety for a better chemical spill management solution. They were seeking a universal spill kit for five regularly used chemicals. Levitt-Safety recommended Trivorex® which provides a simplified, single product response protocol for cleaning up chemical spills. The result, Horizon found Trivorex® much easier and safer to use and ultimately provided them cost savings over their existing process. 

The Benefits of Trivorex®

  • Can be used on most corrosive chemicals (and non-corrosive)
  • Built-in pH indicator identifies acidic vs basic chemicals
  • Rapidly suppresses chemical vapours
  • Declassifies corrosive chemicals improving safety
  • Leaves surface dry and safe; eliminating the need for absorbent pads
  • Helps eliminate the need for expensive environmental disposal costs
  • Silicate free
  • On average - 1kg of Trivorex® will absorb and neutralize a .6 L spill

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