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The New Gilian Go-Cal™ Pro

Jonathan McCallumMarket Segment Manager: Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene & Environmental MonitoringFebruary 9, 2024

At Levitt-Safety, we are driven to deliver high-quality products that are precise, reliable, and user-friendly. Our mission is to ensure you have access to market-leading safety solutions that empower you to address your fire, safety, and environmental challenges.

Levitt-Safety is proud to announce the new Gilian Go-Cal™ Pro – an advanced portable air flow calibrator that is setting a new standard for precision calibration in diverse work environments.

What is the Gilian Go-Cal™ Pro?

The Gilian Go-Cal™ Pro is an advanced portable air flow calibrator created by Sensidyne, a global leader in industrial health and safety solutions. This new innovative device is designed to provide precision calibration for professionals working in various industries, including environmental monitoring, industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety, and other airflow applications. Remarkably, the Gilian Go-Cal™ Pro stands out due to its superior features, such as the unprecedented +/- 1% accuracy across entire range of flows. The device is recognized for setting a new standard in accuracy, reliability, and ease of use in air flow calibration.

The Gilian Go-Cal™ Pro Models:

Low Flow: 5-600 CC/MIN

Standard Flow: 600-5000 CC/MIN

High Flow: 4-30 LPM

What are the benefits of the Gilian Go-Cal™ Pro?


  • +/- 1% Accuracy across the Entire Range of Flow Rates in 3 Instruments
  • Provides % deviation to show flow stability
  • Engineered with mass flow differential pressure technology, is NIST traceable, and certified within our ISO 17025 laboratory


  • Small, lightweight, durable design, and no moving parts
  • Hand-held ergonomic design makes it easier to hold and perform data entry
  • Charges with a standard USB-C cable


  • Easy to setup (just connect the tubing and start the pump)
  • Fast stabilization – gives an instantaneous reading
  • Large color touchscreen display
  • Averages flow over user-selected time
  • Customization of local languages and preferred units of measure
  • Bluetooth® communication options (coming soon)


  • Creates digital traceability which ties the sampling chain together
  • Flow verification event storage
  • Flow Meter report provides event information and information about the flow meter being utilized (i.e. serial number, date of last calibration)


  • Ability to select Sample Periods
  • The user may select a specific sample time to be averaged
  • Internal sensors standardize flow rates using reference temperatures and pressures (STP)
  • STP-corrected flow rates facilitate data comparison across different environmental conditions, eliminating the need for external calculations
  • Users can set corrected temperature and pressure values according to various standards
  • Onboard computing can data log the calibration events and perform statistical analysis on the deviations between readings
  • Users can define statistical parameters for percent deviation over the sample period
  • Improved user interface capabilities with full touch screen keyboards for completing data input, and user-defined fields for maintaining sample integrity
  • Displayed the date of the last calibration, serial numbers, and reminders for the next calibration due date
  • Calibrators can generate printable calibration reports that include sample information, saved instrument settings, and sample flow rate results

For more information on the Gilian Go-Cal™ Pro or to schedule a demo contact us.

Check Out This Video On The NEW! Sensidyne Gilian Go-Cal™ Pro Air Flow Calibrator