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The CSA first aid kit requirements are changing, here’s what you need to do

Jonathan McCallumMarket Segment Manager: Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene & Environmental MonitoringFebruary 16, 2021

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) released an update to the standard Z1220 First Aid Kits for the Workplace in 2017.

This Standard established the minimum requirements for workplace first aid kits. Occupational health and safety (OHS) regulators, employers, and first aid kit manufacturers and distributors can use this rule to maintain or provide compliant first aid kits.

Who this change affects

Most provinces have a one year grace period to allow employers and suppliers time to use current supplies and either buy new kits or stock supplies to meet the Standard requirements.

You can buy first aid kit supplies through our online store. We list the items required in each type of first aid kit below.

We also carry first aid kits that meet the requirements of CSA Z1220.

The Standard does not include requirements for:

safecross first aid kit product image
  • first aid rooms or first aid stations
  • workplace first aid incident reporting and recording, which can be subject to federal, provincial or territorial legislation or organizational policies.
  • environments where specific legislation could apply for specialized first aid supplies and equipment. For example, marine, mining, forestry, transportation, pools or school buses, and
  • particular environments where the authority having jurisdiction has specific legislation and requirements for workplace first aid supplies and equipment. For example, marine, mining, forestry, transportation, pools, and school buses.

Choosing a workplace first aid kit

The Standard outlines the minimum classification, size and number of first aid kits in the workplace. The number of workers per shift determines the type of first aid kit the workplace requires.

Your workplace can use first aid kits of different sizes in various combinations to ensure kits are readily accessible to all workers and for the unique configurations of the workplace.

workplace first aid kit configurations chart

Ongoing maintenance of workplace first aid kits

It’s not just about having the correct first aid kits in place, workplaces must also ensure the kits are regularly inspected. This ensures the kits have the proper quantities of products at all times.

Your workplace must ensure ongoing maintenance of the first aid kits and that someone replenishes items after use or once the item has reached the manufacturer’s recommended expiration date.

CSA Z1220 states the minimum inspection period shouldn’t be more than 90 days or immediately following any first aid incident where the kit is used.

We’ve listed the minimum quantities a first aid kit must have based on the requirements in CSA Z1220.

Minimum requirements for Type 1: Personal first aid kit

minimum requirments for Type 1: personal first aid kit chart

Minimum requirements for Type 2: Basic first aid kit

minimum requirements for type 2: basic first aid kit chart

Minimum requirements for Type 3: Intermediate first aid kit

minimum requirements for type 3: intermediate first aid kit chart

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