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The secret technology hidden inside your gloves

Leslie MolinMarket Segment Manager - Personal SafetyAugust 19, 2022

You may not realize it when you slip on a pair of gloves, but decades of science and technology advancements are wrapped inside those yarns.

ATG is the industry leader when it comes to technologies that improve hand protection.

Using their technology platforms, ATG aims to strike a balance between giving your workforce a comfortable glove while providing the protection needed to reduce injuries, lower the costs associated with those injuries and improve worker efficiency.

Their products include technologies that focus on one of three themes:

  1. Comfort
  2. Performance
  3. HandCare®

1. Comfort

Comfort is the number one feature people want in their gloves. ATG developed two technology platforms to address comfort: AIRtech® for breathability and ERGOtech® to reduce hand fatigue.


Workers will complain and compliance will suffer if a glove makes the worker’s hands hot and sweaty. ATG developed AIRtech to enhance comfort by eliminating heat build-up inside the glove. AIRtech lets the hand breathe through both the liner and the coating for 360-degree breathability.

airtech moving air outside of the glove


ERGOtech maximizes the glove’s form, fit and feel for a superior user experience. ATG developed the compounds to conform to the hand to maximize flexibility. The liners are knit on formers that mimic the hand at rest.

When you put on a pair of ATG gloves, you’ll notice the glove has rounded fingertips, no thread deposits, and no drip lines in the coating.

These features lead to an ergonomic glove that provides exceptional dexterity, flexibility and tactile sensitivity.

The ATG coating sits 50% into the liner leaving only the soft liner against the skin providing comfort and flexibility.

2. Performance

By focusing on performance, ATG delivers safety characteristics that provide solutions for hazards involving cuts, heat, liquid and grip. ATG developed DURAtech® for a longer lifespan and CUTtech® for better protection against cuts.


DURAtech® is a technology platform that makes gloves last longer.

Not only do longer-lasting gloves make good economic sense, but it also increases the number of times you can wash the gloves.

DuraTech is included across the ATG glove line including the flagship product, MaxiFlex. MaxiFlex provides a lightweight patented micro-foam nitrile coating for impressive abrasion resistance.

Both ATG internal testing and third-party testing show the coating lasts two times longer than the EN 388 level 4 requirements. The coating consistently withstands more than 20,000 revolutions under a weighted disk.

graph depicting one single maxfilex equals 2 1/2 standard polyurethane coated gloves


Cuts are one of the most common hand injuries. ATG uses high-performance yarns and fibres to offer various cut protection levels while maintaining high levels of comfort and dexterity.

The current ATG product line includes cut levels between A2 and A5, which covers many cut hazards across many industries.

ATG was the first company to add a reinforcement between the thumb and forefinger — a known weak area. It extends the glove’s life, reduces cost-to-wear and offers additional protection and confidence when handling sharp-edged parts and components.

3. HandCare®

ATG is dedicated to manufacturing gloves that have been post-process washed before packaging and free from harmful chemicals.

The ATG HandCare program contains three major elements:

  1. Regulations and laboratory testing
  2. Dermatological accreditation, and
  3. Post-process washing.

This program guarantees that ATG gloves are skin friendly.

ATG is compliant with and achieved accreditation from REACH, Skin Health Alliance and OEKOTEX 100.

Skin Health Alliance: The Skin Health Alliance seal gives, for the first time in the safety industry, professional glove users the confidence that ATG’s full range of gloves are “dermatologically safe” and the science and research behind them is robust.

Skin Health Alliance: The Skin Health Alliance seal gives, for the first time in the safety industry, professional glove users the confidence that ATG’s full range of gloves is “dermatologically safe” and the science and research behind them is robust.

skin health alliance logo

REACH: ATG’s whole manufacturing process is in line with the requirements of the European REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemical Substances).

reach compliant logo

Oeko-Tex: ATG gloves are guaranteed to be ‘fresh out of the pack’. During this laundering process, ATG prefers to use rain-harvested water. Gloves are certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 which ensures their gloves are free of known harmful substances including legally not regulated chemicals. The standard requirements clearly exceed existing national legislation.

oeko-tex logo

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