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Levitt-Safety & SlateSafety Announce Partnership to Revolutionize Worker Safety

Jonathan McCallum Market Segment Manager: Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene & Environmental MonitoringJanuary 10, 2024

[Press Release, ATLANTA, January 10, 2024] – SlateSafety, a leading provider of innovative workplace safety solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Levitt-Safety, a renowned Canadian-based distributor of safety products and services. This collaboration aims to bring the revolutionary BAND V2 physiological monitor to the Canadian market, ensuring enhanced safety and well-being for workers across various industries.

SlateSafety's BAND V2 is a state-of-the-art physiological monitor designed to be worn on the upper arm. It utilizes advanced sensor technology to continuously track biometric and movement data, providing real-time insights into a worker's physical well-being. By monitoring key indicators such as heart rate, core body temperature, and exertion levels, the BAND V2 can prevent heat stress and overexertion in real-time, two significant contributors to workplace accidents and injuries.

Through this partnership, Levitt-Safety will serve as the first distributor of the BAND V2 in Canada. With over 85 years of experience in the safety industry, Levitt-Safety is widely recognized for its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that protect workers and mitigate risks. By leveraging Levitt-Safety's extensive network and expertise, SlateSafety aims to extend the reach of its innovative safety technology while substantially impacting the Canadian workforce.

The BAND V2 collects critical data and employs advanced algorithms to analyze and interpret the information in real-time. Safety leaders can access these insights through a user-friendly platform, where they receive immediate alerts and notifications. Furthermore, the BAND V2 sends crucial alerts via SMS, ensuring safety leaders are promptly informed about any potential risks or hazards their workers may face.

This partnership between SlateSafety and Levitt-Safety marks a significant milestone in the evolution of workplace safety. By combining SlateSafety's cutting-edge technology with Levitt-Safety's industry-leading distribution capabilities, Canadian companies can now empower their workers with an invaluable tool that prioritizes their health and well-being.

"We are thrilled to partner with Levitt-Safety to introduce the BAND V2 to the Canadian market," said Zack Braun, CEO of SlateSafety. "Levitt-Safety's expertise and commitment to safety align perfectly with our vision of creating safer work environments. Together, we aim to make a profound impact on worker safety and revolutionize the way companies address heat stress and overexertion risks."

“SlateSafety got it right for our customers in Canada,” said Jonathan McCallum, Market Segment Manager for Levitt-Safety Limited.  “We’ve been looking for a wearable solution for our customers concerned with heat-related illness for some time and the BAND V2 delivers. Its out-of-the-box functionality, reliable data, and support from the SlateSafety team make this an important component of a complete strategy to reduce the risks of heat stress in the workplace.”

About Levitt-Safety:

Levitt-Safety is a leading Canadian distributor of safety products, services, and training programs. With a history spanning over eight decades, Levitt-Safety is committed to providing innovative solutions that protect workers and promote safe working environments. To learn more about our occupational health and safety instrumentation, please Contact Us.

About SlateSafety:

SlateSafety, a pioneering technology startup from Atlanta, GA, is paving the way in the Connected Safety revolution. They aim to deliver robust, trustworthy, and user-friendly safety systems to high-risk industrial settings while prioritizing workers’ safety. Their innovative product, BAND V2, epitomizes this, offering a wearable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) device designed to be worn on the arm. This device provides instantaneous alert notifications and examines historical data trends, enabling safety experts to step in before potential incidents occur and pinpoint operational inefficiencies in work processes. The BAND V2  was honored by TIME as one of the 'Best Inventions of 2021', and received Occupational Health & Safety’s IoT Connected Device of the Year Award in 2022. The team has been recognized in Forbes 30 under 30 and Georgia Tech 40 under 40 alumni awards. For more information, go to www.slatesafety.com.